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A fortress wall, ducks and dark and leafy trees

A fortress wall, ducks and dark and leafy trees

Photographer:Fotograaf: Jorge Franganillo

My favourite spot

Favourite spot of: Jordan Mullins, Bachelor of Science, Bachelor of Arts


“There is a path between University College Maastricht and the School of Business and Economics building that cuts through Monseigneur Nolenspark. I usually cross it on my bike in between cycling to and from class.

“There are lots of things about this park that I find novel and comforting: The huge fortress wall that spans the length of it, which has stood for almost 800 years. The ducks that swim against the current, paddling to stay still. The dark and leafy trees that are kept green from the constant rain that doesn’t always pour but often falls down like a fine mist.

“All of these things are novel experiences for me. I come from Sydney, Australia. Sydney; where the weather’s temperament doesn’t permit for moderate drizzly weather. It is either a severe storm cell approaching or a total fire ban. Sometimes both. Our birds are not quaint either. Do not feed the seagulls chips and stay away from the Ibises. If you have an opportunity to gaze upon our ancient western infrastructure it will be from a bus-stop as an old blue bus approaches twenty-minutes late and spilling fumes.

“But back to the beautiful leafy path between UCM and SBE. There is a very satisfying silence in this 30 second. It is here that I get a small break from nothing more than the next class or homework assignment. There is only the rush of cold, the rive running past the waterline of the old city wall and the odd quack.”

Monseigneur Nolenspark



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