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"In my country everyone wants to be right; here we agree to disagree"

"In my country everyone wants to be right; here we agree to disagree"

More than fifteen nationalities in a single study programme? For a number of Maastricht master’s programmes, such as Media Culture, Public Policy & Human Development and International & European Tax Law, this has become the norm. Observant looks inside one of the ‘international classrooms’ that do justice to the name: the ...

Not for profit, but for people

​MAASTRICHT. Make medicines for people, not for profit. That is the message from Universities Allied for Essential Medicine (UAEM), the worldwide organisation that also has a Maastricht department. For next week, these students have organised Access to Medicine (A2M) Week.

New SBE dean: women are not jumping at the chance

MAASTRICHT. Of the approximately fifty regular professors at the School of Business and Economics (SBE), only five are female. At this moment, the faculty (or rather, an external headhunting agency commissioned by the Executive Board) is searching for a new dean, both within and outside the UM. Will it be a woman? It is going to be exciting.
Meet our big boys and girls

Meet our big boys and girls

We all know the stereotypes about ‘he-men’ and ‘she-women’: they eat chicken all day long, their IQs barely crack 100 and they drop their weights hard enough to make the floor shake. In the run-up to the Dutch Student Nationals Powerlifting Classic, Observant asked five gym buffs about these stereotypes, their motivation, di...

More first-year UM students

MAASTRICHT. The preliminary figures indicate that the number of first-year bachelor's and master's students has risen by 4.7 per cent to a total of 7,114, after a minor dip last year. Almost all faculties have contributed to this increase, except for Psychology and Neurosciences (minus 2.4 per cent).

1,000-euro discount for first-year students

THE NETHERLANDS. In the hot-from-the-press Dutch coalition agreement, political parties have agreed that first-year students will receive a 1,000-euro tuition fee reduction. Will universities have to pick up the tab?
"Without sexy master’s programmes, it’s going to be difficult"

"Without sexy master’s programmes, it’s going to be difficult"

SBE dean Philip Vergauwen himself agrees that he is leaving prematurely. The strategic overhaul of his faculty is still in full swing. But the offer from the Solvay business school in Brussels was, he says, simply too good to turn down. Observant talks with him about his toughest moments as dean, SBE as an outsider, and the ‘selling...

Tackling teachers’ workload with a game

MAASTRICHT. Who is your research interesting for, and why? This is the question that the researchers participating in the first Maastricht University Impact Course have tried to answer in recent months. Last Tuesday five of them presented their proposals for making a bigger impact with their research to a jury at the Brandweer Kantine, in the hopes...

Summer School experienced a dip because of “transitional phase”

MAASTRICHT. The last Maastricht Summer School had just over half of the number of participants of the 2016 edition. The reason was the new approach: an earlier enrolment date, a minimum number of seven participants, higher fees and stricter language requirements.

End of free parking

MAASTRICHT. Free parking at university buildings for employees has had its day. The Executive Board is planning to introduce paid parking in Randwijck and will include the city centre when doing so.
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