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Education Prize for Jeannette Hommes

Education Prize for Jeannette Hommes

MAASTRICHT. During the Dies Natalis celebrations on Tuesday 7 February, the Wynand Wijnen Education Prize 2016 was awarded to Jeannette Hommes, assistant professor at the School of Business and Economics. The jury, chaired by Rector Rianne Letschert, praised her contributions to the educational development of the faculty and professionali...

Dissertation Award: Even maps are political

Dissertation Award: Even maps are political

MAASTRICHT. How Israelis and Palestinians make maps – it’s not the most obvious of research topics. Surprising, too, is the proposition that your physical place in the world, with all its historical and political baggage, largely determines what you see and thus also how you are likely to draw a map. Yet this is the core of the PhD rese...
“Germans of my generation saw how hatred was turned into state policy”

“Germans of my generation saw how hatred was turned into state policy”

There are worse nicknames than the ‘German Nelson Mandela’ or ‘Grandpa Obama’. The man set to receive an honorary doctorate from Maastricht University on Tuesday 7 February, German president Joachim Gauck, is so popular than many will be sad to see his term come to an end. But not everyone.

European universities warn against US entry ban

THE NETHERLANDS. European universities are calling on US president Donald Trump to immediately revoke the entry ban on nationals from seven Muslim countries. His executive order could have far-reaching consequences for the academic world.

FHML wants a binding contract with Kuwait about students

MAASTRICHT. From now on, the Faculty of Health, Medicine and Life Sciences wants binding, and in particular signed, contracts with foreign governments concerning organised groups of incoming students. They want no more surprises like the one in September, when a batch of Kuwaitis simply left.

Recorded lectures; students do it themselves

MAASTRICHT. Policies concerning whether filming of lectures is or should be allowed or not, are unclear. In the meantime, students themselves have been recording lectures. Sometimes even distributing them.

Work pressure too high for academics

THE NETHERLANDS/MAASTRICHT. A Dutch Trades Union Congress (FNV) survey shows that six in ten university employees are so busy that they develop physical and mental complaints. The Executive Board and the University Council have been crossing swords for some time over the issue of work pressure at the UM.
On secret plans and the love of dachshunds

On secret plans and the love of dachshunds

MAASTRICHT. That Maastricht has a university at all, let alone one with a fairly solid reputation, is often said to be a miracle. For much of its history the Rijksuniversiteit Limburg (RL) (later Maastricht University, UM) was fighting an uphill battle, as the anniversary book given to all employees this week testifies once again.

Dutch bachelor’s of Arts and Social Sciences discontinued

MAASTRICHT. The Dutch programme of the bachelor’s of Arts and Social Sciences is to be discontinued. As of September 2017, students will only be able to choose the English variant of Arts and Culture. Although the language used during the course is English, Dutch students can choose to do their exams in Dutch, just like their papers and these...

Debate on teaching load dies away in numerical mess

MAASTRICHT. Where is the extra staff meant to relieve the pressure of work but especially ‘teaching load’ for academic staff? Members of the University Council are racking their brains over the continually changing figures and are bickering with the Executive Board about ‘standard hours’ and ‘task loads’. A workg...
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