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Opinion: “Elected boards? Will that benefit science?”

MAASTRICHT. Should students and staff elect their boards, as René Gabriëls on behalf of the NUM wrote in the last Observant? Gerard van Breukelen, professor of Methodology & Statistics, is not at all convinced. Gabriëls’ proposal  “sounds  a bit too much like ‘all power to the Sovjets’”, he argues.

Opinion: “Full of false accusations and naïve”

MAASTRICHT. David Bernstein’s opinion on the New University Maastricht (Observant 27), is full of false accusations and from an academic and political point of view naïve, says René Gabriëls. Falsely he accuses the NUM of not being in for a dialogue, not knowing what democracy is and who is represented. His suggestion that what he says is not...

Opinion: The New University Roadshow Comes to Maastricht

MAASTRICHT. The problem with the New University is that ideologues of all stripes are the same. They are only interested in one voice: their own. That is what David Bernstein, professor of Forensic Psychotherapy, argues.  

OPINION: Maagdenhuis occupation: A national assault on education requires a national defence

MAASTRICHT. The true source of the dispute between students and the university board in Amsterdam, lies in national education policy and efficiency measures, says Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences-student David Darler, on behalf of the New University Maastricht, in this opinion article.
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