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“Stunned by the absence of critical thinking”

Carolyn Wilshire is the lead author on the recent critical commentary on recovery rates in the PACE trial on chronic fatigue syndrome, led by professors Trudie Chalder, Michael Sharpe and Peter White. They are convinced that cognitive behavior therapy and graded exercise therapy “are moderately effective and safe for patients with CFS/ME. To ...

“No scientific ground to stand on”

David Tuller, lecturer in public health and journalism at the University of California, Berkeley, has written extensively about “the flaws of the PACE trial”. He thinks that “the PACE authors have no scientific ground to stand on”.

PACE trial misrepresents their own results again

PACE trial psychiatrists professors Chalder, Sharpe and White, responded to the article by immunologist Professor Cohen Tervaert agreeing with him "that chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS), regarded as another name for ME, is a disabling and much misunderstood illness" even though their own trial was based on the assumption that ME patients su...

Myth-busting a myth busting

Myth-busting a myth busting

“Many ME-patients suffer from tremendous exhaustion for days after exercise, the so-called post-exertional malaise, or PEM. There were doubts as to whether the large British PACE trial was correct,” said professor of Internal Medicine and Immunology Jan Willem Cohen Tervaert, a couple of weeks ago in the Myth Busters- series of Observan...
Mythe: ME is een psychische ziekte

Mythe: ME is een psychische ziekte

Ze zijn niet een béétje vermoeid, maar altijd doodmoe. Slapen lost weinig op - als ze al goed kunnen slapen - en voor een lichamelijke inspanning betalen ze meestal een hoge prijs: dagen lang nog moeier dan ze al waren. Patiënten die lijden aan het chronisch vermoeidheidssyndroom ME zouden volgens de huidige medische stand van zaken voldoende he...