Increasing interest in FASoS magazine Mosaïek


The last issue of Mosaïek, the interdisciplinary magazine of the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences, sold out and is now being reprinted due to high demand. Two years ago, the magazine created by students for students was almost dead in the water.

“When we re-launched the magazine there was practically no-one who knew it”, explains Jim Pedd, one of its editors. Visibility is still one of the biggest issues for the publication, which features theme-based essays, interviews, reviews and photo reportages.

Mosaïek is published three times a year and is subsidized by the faculty, which is also helping the editorial team with projects aimed at extending readership of the publication. The magazine, which as of 2011 is increasingly dedicating more room to English content, is currently available at the De Tribune bookshop or at the faculty’s second-hand bookstore Books4Life.

Besides introducing students to the magazine production process and giving new staff members access to journalistic workshops organised by the Observant, Mosaïek is also intended for a non-academic audience on a national level: “The number of subscribers has increased a lot. We started out with about twenty regular subscribers and now we have nearly eighty”, says Pedd. The growing interest in Mosaïek led to the decision to republish the last issue, with the theme of ‘copy-paste’, which was completely sold out. Future plans include targeted writing skills training at FASoS: six students will be selected by their tutors and peers on the basis of outstanding performance in academic writing, and their essays will feature in a special issue of Mosaïek.


Claudia Costa

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