Faculty of Health, Medicine and Life Sciences

Education Office FHML UNS60, level 3. Phone: (043) 388 5655. E-mail via eSC: https://fhml.esc.maastrichtuniversity.nl

Visiting hours: Monday – Tuesday – Thursday - Friday 9.00-13.00 hrs. Telephone consultation hours: Tuesday and Thursday 9.30-10.30 hrs. Face-to-face meeting: make an appointment via https://fhmlweb.unimaas.nl 

Aanleveren kopij: Mireille Knubben tel. 3872844, voor vrij. 12.00 uur, e-mail: mireille.knubben@maastrichtuniversity.nl



Student Council Health and Life Sciences

Do you ever encounter problems in your study or do you have your own ideas about innovations or changes within your study or faculty? We are the Student Council Health and Life Sciences, the student representatives for HS, BMS and EPH (BA/MA) and we have a say in almost all levels within the university about innovations and changes in the studies, faculty and even within the university.
Every Thursday (except exam weeks), we have a walk-in hour from 12.30 to 13.30h where students can come to us with problems or ideas. We are located in the first room when you walk up the stairs on the footbridge (k2.497). In addition, you can also reach us via our website: www.sc-fhml.nl or like our Facebook page "Student Council Health & Life Sciences" to stay up to date.



GROW Science Day
Date; Thursday November 21, 2019
Time: 08:30-17:00hrs
Venue: Van der Valk hotel, Nijverheidsweg 34, Maastricht

Theme of the day is 'Getting the Patients Perspective'. Be updated on GROW research and take part in an open debate about the patient-researcher relationship e.g. personalized medicine, quality of life and shared decision making; should patients have a say on treatment plans, fundamental research, fund allocation?A highly interactive day including PhD debate, scientific presentations, poster promenades and more is offered.Inspirational keynote speakers are Bibian Mentel and Warner Prevoo.Bibian is a top level snowboarder. She was diagnosed with cancer at 27, now being treated against cancer already 11 times. Bibian will share her personal experiences on terms of top sport, her struggle with cancer and her drive to think in possibilities instead of limitations; 'it's all about mentality'.Warner is a cancer specialist and intervention radiologist at OLVG Amsterdam, Diagnosed with lung cancer in 2016, Warner will talk how this experience changed his view on the doctor-patient relationship.Both speakers will participate in the PhD debate.

Event is FREE for ALL interested, but pre-registration is required; http://www.aanmelder.nl/109639
#growmaastricht #growscienceday