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Entries for October 2011

UM gone up in ranking Tilburg

The Maastricht economists have risen five places in the top 100 of the Tilburg University Economics Ranking. They went from 67th to 62nd place. Of the five Dutch universities on the international list, Maastricht and Amsterdam (VU) were the only ones to climb. The ranking is based on publications in leading journals in the past five years (2006-201...

Feeling stupid

Academics thrive on stupidity. In his article ‘The importance of stupidity in scientific research’, microbiologist Martin Schwartz points out that since the point of research is to find out that which we don’t know, it’s only natural that it makes us all feel stupid. (“if we don’t feel stupid it means we’re not really trying”). Another key skill, I...

UM needs more Brits, Yanks, and Aussies

“We should accept that our student body currently does not have the right composition in nationalities that we would need to get even close to becoming an international university”, says UCM-student and University Council member Peter Cernohorsky in a personal capacity in this opinion piece. His solution: attract more students from Britain, USA and...
"I miss my dog William"

"I miss my dog William"

Taïssia Umenc (19), a third-year International Business student from Paris.  

“Dutch higher education is world-class”

The best thing that countries that strive for top-notch research and education can do, is to start a whole new university. This is often easier than raising the level of an old university. That was one of the conclusions in a book by the World Bank on top universities.

Corporate social responsibility is a process that takes years

What are most businesses about? Exactly, making as much money as possible. But they could also try to produce in a more sustainable and environmentally friendly way. Businesses that are socially responsible do much better in financial terms, according to Sybren de Hoo, extraordinary professor of Corporate Social Responsibility at the Faculty of Law...
Discovering the brain

Discovering the brain

Arousing curiosity among young people in science in general. That's the goal of the workshop held in Discovery Center Continium in Kerkrade yesterday (one of a series of five during the next few days). The workshop by the Maastricht Science Programme is linked to the current Brain exhibition in Continium.

Parking arrangement for foreign commuting students suspended

The parking arrangement for foreign students who commute to Maastricht every day has been temporarily suspended. The parking permits for areas around the city centre are likely be issued from 1 December, or as soon as the Maastricht city council has given its approval for the permanent regulation. The trial project that started in September last y...

Working in Maastricht, living in Portugal

Working in Maastricht, living in Portugal

How does the migration of people, objects and ideas influence the development of cultural identities?

Silent study room and new common room for FASoS

Long wooden tables, fresh flowers, cosy seating areas and – for when the sun shines – attractive outdoor seating. Last Monday, the new Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences common room and coffee corner – Bandito Espresso – at Grote Gracht 86 opened its doors. As an opening stunt, all visitors are allowed to determine for themselves how much they wan...

Intensive Care 3 am, Spinvis and Eric Vloeimans

Intensive care 3 a.m. A camera crew gets permission to shoot a film in a hospital. Some of the hospital staff get thoroughly irritated by the film crew’s behaviour. One night this irritation reaches its climax, but it also reveals unexpected perspectives as well. This, in short, is the story behind Intensive care 3 a.m., the new play by the Toneel...

International sports associations

In a reply to the article ‘Traditional student associations less popular’ in the Observant of October 6th, the first thing that came to mind was ‘Hey, where are the sports associations?’. In the piece I am talking about, the comparison was made between the traditional student associations (gaining less new members) on the one hand and MSRV Saurus ...

Maastricht moves up in Times Rankings

Almost all Dutch universities are in the worldwide top 200 of the British Times Higher Education (THE) magazine, four of which are in the top 100 this year. The UM is back in the top 200 and is in 197th place. Harvard University has been dethroned after eight years.

D-vers, The Umbilical Brothers and lecture restoration

D-vers To get a taste of what’s going on in pop music in Limburg, check out the D-vers festival on Friday 14 and Saturday 15 October in Sittard. New this year is the musicians’ day on 14 October, when pop musicians can follow workshops on how to get your band booked, how to improve your English lyrics and more. The performances will take place at ...

UCM student in race for UN

UCM student Lauren Schuivens is one of the last six candidates vying to become the Dutch UN youth representative. Previously, UCM student Dirk Janssen and FASoS student Anne Schepers were the UN youth representative and Unesco youth representative, respectively. To make it to the finals, Schuivens needs to collect as many votes as possible. This S...

“I’ve wanted a Mini Cooper since I was six years old"

“I’ve wanted a Mini Cooper since I was six years old"

Eugen Wollfarth (22) was born in Colombia, raised in Chile and attended school in the US and Germany, Berlin. He is a master’s student of International Business.

Hopelessly lost

The first time I ever gave a presentation of my own research terrified me. Picturing people naked just doesn’t help. The best advice I was ever given was to ‘act like an actor’; in other words, to play a role. Pretend you are the person you want to project (someone confident and engaging, not someone who wants to curl up in the corner in foetal pos...

Not only for the money

Not only for the money

As of early October, 137 new British students had enrolled at Maastricht University. What made them choose Maastricht? Was it the much lower tuition fees in the Netherlands, or is there more to it? Observant interviewed three British newcomers.
Managing the grey and rainy days

Managing the grey and rainy days

Eliza Malathouni, 29, born in Greece, junior researcher at the Faculty of Law

Traditional student associations less popular

The more traditional student associations in Maastricht are less popular among first-year students this year. Tragos inaugurated 89 new members (2010: 105) and Circumflex 113 (2010: 130). Tragos chair David Hageman is not sure what’s behind the drop in popularity. “We had more subscriptions, but a lot of people didn’t show up to the introduction, e...

Food too expensive, library too full

Students at Maastricht University are overall happy with the university buildings and the additional facilities like Studium Generale, UM Sports and EleUM. They’re less thrilled with the announcement of test results, the cafeteria, the number of workplaces in the inner city library and the Language Centre. These are the outcomes of Student Monitor,...

Elsevier ranking: IB and UCM do well

Elsevier ranking: IB and UCM do well

First places for the bachelor's programmes of International Business, Econometrics and Medicine, second places for University College Maastricht and Economics, and third places for International Law and European Law. Biomedical Sciences and Law ended up at the bottom.

Nobel Prize for research into supernovas

Three scientists have been awarded the Nobel Prize in Physics for their research into exploding stars. On the basis of their observations they were able to prove that the universe is expanding at an accelerated pace.
One foot in the Netherlands and the other in Africa

One foot in the Netherlands and the other in Africa

Does cultural integration work differently today than in the past?