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Entries for November 2010

Binding deportation advice postponed

For the time being, institutes of higher education do not need to report the study progress of their non-European students to the Immigration and Naturalisation Service (IND).

Compulsory registration with the city suspended

A temporary end has come to the Kafkaesque situation concerning the compulsory registration of foreign students in the municipal register (gemeentelijke basisadministratie, or GBA). The ministry of Education has abolished this obligation for the current academic year.
"I hate hate right wing media"

"I hate hate right wing media"

Johanna Auberger (20, Linz, Austria), first-year student of European Studies, after taking a year out to participate in a Worldwide Opportunities for Organic Farming (WWOOF) project

Matching and following

Anyone who wishes to follow a study at the Maastricht Faculties of Law or Arts and Social Sciences next year, will first have to complete a questionnaire. Based on that, an interview may take place.  
Dreaming of being the stockbroker of the year

Dreaming of being the stockbroker of the year

This Monday, financial study association FS Focus organized the Maastricht leg of the international Traders Trophy, a competition in which students with a knack for the stock market attempt to become the most successful stockbroker during a simulated day of hectic trading. The day’s five best performing students would advance to the national finals...

“She faces having to fly home on Christmas day”

A great deal of commotion surrounds the exam schedules for block period 2. The final exams of the law faculty and the School of Business and Economics (SBE) take place on Thursday afternoon 23 December. The complaints are mostly from international students, who want to catch a train or a flight home. The exam schedule means they will only be able t...

Typical NL: This old man arriving by boat

Every year it’s the same procedure, and I assume it’s the same in every country. The weeks preceding Christmas are dominated on the one hand by preparations for the big festivity, and on the other by critical voices complaining that Christmas has allegedly lost its true meaning and is now dominated by purely commercial interests. “The shopkeepers a...

Anton Pieck, Reiki and John Cage

Icy landscapes and idyllic winter scenes: There can be no Dutch Christmas without Anton Pieck. Throughout the course of his life, this beloved artist published over 300 books with drawings inspired by the 19th century. He also created numerous paintings for calendars and Christmas cards, all reflecting the work of Charles Dickens. From 21 November ...

Oikos branch in Maastricht

Maastricht. The international student organisation for sustainable economics and management, Oikos, now has a branch in Maastricht. Oikos aims to promote sustainability among students, whom they describe on their website as “the world future leaders. We feel one major challenge our time faces is to find innovative solutions how to use natural resou...

Fleamarket in Liège

Are you keen to dance to disco music in a tiny café? On Friday 19 November the DJs Sidi El Karchi and Ramazan will get your body swinging in Café Zondag. From 22.00, Wijckerbrugstraat 42. For students who like old-fashioned games like Trivial Pursuit and know just about everything about everything, you can join the trivia quiz – complete with pict...

File-sharing is here to stay

File-sharing is here to stay

Prosecuting illegal music downloaders is unwise. It would harm prosperity in the Netherlands considerably. This is one of the conclusions that Maastricht economist Michael Yang reaches in the PhD thesis that he will defend next week.
“The top 3 percent rule is inefficient”

“The top 3 percent rule is inefficient”

There are two sides to every story. This was the main conclusion of Tuesday’s Studium Generale debate on graduation achievement levels. Yes, it’s important for students to do extracurricular activities to develop themselves into well-rounded individuals. But also: yes, we need money to accommodate this, and is it fair to ask society to pay for the ...

Typical NL: “It’s always the Dutch ones”

As a country, your English is just tops. Really. It’s a credit to your education system and your international outlook. But. Stop. Correcting. My. English. Now, this isn’t just me. The phenomenon of Dutch people correcting other people’s English found its way into the academic literature back in 1998, when the British-but-Netherlands-based editor...

"You can be who you really are"

"You can be who you really are"

Emmelie Odberg Rosengren (25) from Varberg, Sweden, master’s student of European Studies and A-member of the Onafhankelijk DamesDispuut Diablo
 I love listening to the sounds of the birds

I love listening to the sounds of the birds

Katie Baldonieri (20), third-year history major and UCM exchange student from Oberlin College, United States

No extra contribution at UCM, for now

New students who register with University College Maastricht next academic year, will not be asked for an extra contribution, the so-called ‘institutional fee’.  The fee was having a deep divisive effect, splitting staff and students and creating too much noise, wrote Dean Louis Boon from the Faculty of Humanities and Sciences in an e-mail to ...

Sinterklaas and his Zwarte Pieten

Sinterklaas is coming to town. With his red cape, red mitre and long white beard, he is scheduled to arrive by boat in Maastricht on Saturday 13 November. Mayor Onno Hoes and hundreds of children will be there to welcome the Sint and his helpers, the Zwarte Pieten. After his arrival at the Kesselskade, he will make his way through the city towards ...

Typical NL: Combining old and modern

Thanks to Schengen, crossing the borders to Belgium or Germany is mostly free of hassle. The days of heavy border controls are almost as far away as the Dark Ages. Not too long ago, the situation was different, and much more hostile. It's hard to imagine, but in the first decade after the war, more than thirty people were killed in fights between s...

Single complaints office

In the past, a psychology student contesting an exam grade or an economics student who is a victim of sexual harassment had to approach the Secretariat of the Board of Appeal for Examinations and a confidential advisor, respectively. Now there is one office for all student complaints. The office, which falls under Student Services, does not deal w...

“The future consists of those who create it”

“The future consists of those who create it”

Banks demand solid business plans from new entrepreneurs, certainly in times of crisis, but in practice, everything depends on creativity. This is what prominent American professor Saras Sarasvathy will argue during the four-day academic conference on entrepreneurship RENT, the largest in Europe and for the first time in the Netherlands.

“Go Dutch, save money”

The British government is planning on raising lecture fees considerably, to a level of nine thousand pounds, which is more than ten thousand euros. This is three times more than the present level. Will the Netherlands be a cheap alternative for the British?

Debate between students and staff

Maastricht. The pressure on universities to increase the number of students who graduate with their bachelor’s degree within four years is rising. Should measures be taken? How would this influence student life? These and more topics will form the subject of a debate on Tuesday 16 November. Studium Generale has invited a panel including Faculty of ...

Bike repair

I am referring to page 5 of the newspaper from 28 October 2010 and the article concerning free bike repairs. The article has nothing to do with what actually happened on 2 November. I, personally, decided to go and let my broken bike light be repaired. The men from Veilig Verkeer Nederland took a look at my bike light and told me that it will cost...

Institutional fee UCM

The additional fee of 950 euro that would have been asked from 2011 onwards to new UCM students, caused a lot of turmoil in the College. It was announced, without informing students or staff about it. That was a mistake. However bad the communication was, it does not render the arguments for the fee invalid. The implementation of the fee was not c...

Salaris collegevoorzitter

In antwoord op vragen van Observant stelt Ad Veenhof, voorzitter van de Raad van Toezicht, dat de nieuwe voorzitter van het CvB niet méér zal gaan verdienen dan de wopt-norm, laat staan de hogere Balkenende-norm. Hij voegt dan toe: “Om dan nog van die norm af te wijken moeten er wel héél goede redenen zijn.” Ik vraag me af wat die redenen zouden ku...

“This is the height of hypocrisy”

New students who start at the University College in Maastricht next September, will have to pay not only their lecture fees, but also an extra contribution – called institutional fee – of 950 euros per year. UCM students are angry, especially about what they consider as a lack of clear communication.

Article second-year PhD student in Psychological Bulletin

An article published this week in the Psychological Bulletin, and one still to come in Psychology and Aging. For most starting PhD students it’s something to dream of – but not for Maria de Sousa Guerreiro, researcher at the Department of Neuropsychology and Psychopharmacology.

Balkan beat is coming to town!

The next destination of the World Press Photo Exhibition is Maastricht. From Friday 5 to Sunday 28 November, Centre Céramique will be showing the outcome of the annual photography competition for photojournalists. At 14.00 on 5 November, an English-language tour of the travelling exhibition will be held specially for students. If you’d like to take...

Balkan Beat is coming to town!

Balkan Beat is coming to town!

What used to be just one evening of world music has now become a four-day festival. Instead of three open-air concerts, there are eight, plus a dance performance in the Vrijthof Theatre and AINSI. Nevertheless, there are still plenty of tickets available for the Global Cultural Festival that opens its doors today, Thursday 4 November. Festival dire...

UM Science causes irritation

The new bachelor’s programme of Science that will be offered by University College the next academic year has caused irritation among various Dutch sister universities. In particular Eindhoven University of Technology is vexed. The latter fears fragmentation of science studies and accuses Maastricht of breaking the agreement made at a national leve...

Salary freeze does not apply to UM managers

University employees will not receive a 500-euros bonus this autumn, nor will there be a half-percent wage rise. The association of universities has turned down a draft proposal with the unions. Maastricht University was one of the institutes that felt that there was no room for compensations of any kind. The unions are preparing for action. André ...

Typical NL: Battle of the sixes

It’s not as readily apparent as Geert Wilders’s hair or, you know, the orange stuff everywhere. The zesjescultuur is subtler than that. It won’t hit you over the head like a glass of Heineken. But it’s there. For the uninitiated, the ‘sixes culture’ is a sort of complacency, apparently the spawn of the Dutch educational system where you only ever ...