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Entries for May 2011

Faculty Fight: 'rafting' on the river Maas

Faculty Fight: 'rafting' on the river Maas

“One, two,” they shout fanatically from the Faculty of Humanities and Sciences’ boat. “Go, go,” sounds the Psychology and Neuroscience’s boat, which clearly has more trouble moving tightly around the three markers on the river Maas.

Typical NL: Double Dutch

Had we been born in the 17th century, you and I, we would not have been friends. This was the time of the Anglo-Dutch wars, the bloody quest for supremacy of the seas, when the Dutch hated the English and the English hated the Dutch. And while the hostilities are long past, their remnants still linger in the English language today. Even the word...

Cinema Arabe, Night of the Tip and Art Tour

Cinema Arabe festival Work by young Arab filmmakers, from countries such as Egypt, Tunisia and Morocco, will be shown at the Cinema Arabe festival from Thursday 2 until Sunday 5 June at the Lumière cinema. The festival aims to provide alternative representations of life in Arab countries that contradict the stereotypical images. The films shown – ...

Language Centre recommended

The Maastricht University Language Centre is now permitted to call itself a Cambridge ESOL Preparation Centre.

Alumni return to Maastricht

About 1,100 alumni (of 37 different nationalities) are expected to attend the first major Alumni Day on Saturday 28 May, on the occasion of Maastricht University’s 35th anniversary. Every faculty will have its own morning programme. There will be a wine tasting event for former UCM students, discussions at Arts and Social Sciences about the rebell...

Spanish protests

On Saturday 28 May a demonstration to support the protests of young people in Spain will take place at the Vrijthof. A group of Spanish students will hand out flyers to give information on the situation in Spain. The demonstration will start at 17.00 and ends at 21.00. CF

Tuna Maastricht wins three prizes

This month Tuna Maastricht won three prizes during a festival organised by a local group from La Laguna in Tenerife. The first prize was for showing the most Tuna spirit (Tuna mas Tuna), the second for being the friendliest group (Tuna mas sympatico), and the last for playing the best serenades beneath a balcony (Premio de Ronda). The group has nev...

Dutch courses for council members

The University Council decided last week that there will be Dutch language courses for foreign council members who have no or insufficient command of Dutch. Immediately after the election results have become known, the newly appointed members will receive a letter from the chairman of the university council, prof. Herman Kingma.
"I just love everything British"

"I just love everything British"

Hannah Saija (22) from Middelburg, the Netherlands, is a third-year student of Arts and Culture

Inkom stays mixed

The next Inkom event will only have mixed groups after all. The Inkom Working Group is sticking to its guns after a consultation round of the student associations and organisations as well as a survey among all first-year students, bachelors and masters. According to Anne van Tetering and Sonja Bongard from the Working Group, mixed groups are the b...

In Memoriam Sofia Tussis

Our friend and colleague Sofia Tussis passed away last week. She was a third year student at University College Maastricht and a shining light in Maastricht’s student community. Her dedication to write about and engage in the things that mattered to her was an inspiration to all of us who knew and came to love her as the joyful and creative person ...

Mixed Inkom still uncertain

Whether there will only be mixed Inkom groups this year is still the subject of discussion.

“We expect students to have an open attitude”

No-one denies that SBE students should integrate more with other nationalities. But staff members should not be held responsible for its success. This was one of the outcomes of last Wednesday's lunch meeting about the International Classroom Development programme.  

And the winner is ... Porto

Last Friday, the Portuguese University of Porto – a relative outsider – won the finals of the second International Case Competition @ Maastricht (ICC@M) organised by the School of Business and Economics. In these competitions, held at universities all over the world, student teams have to solve a business problem and prepare a presentation on the s...

De Hoop Scheffer calls for more integration

“Can we be a financial and economic giant without being a political union?” asks Jaap de Hoop Scheffer, former Dutch foreign minister and former secretary-general of NATO, at the annual congress of financial study association FS Focus last Wednesday. “The answer is not less, but more integration.”
"Dachshunds are the coolest animals"

"Dachshunds are the coolest animals"

Laurens de Beukelaar (22), a third-year Marketing student from Belgium

WE Festival, Out of Fashion and Monsieur Dubois

WE Festival ‘Never alone’ is the slogan of the WE Festival 2011. Its aim is to bring together as many students as possible in activities organised in the Landbouwbelang from Wednesday 18 until Sunday 22 May. Workshops in graffiti, journalism, cooking, political activism and dancing are on the programme, as well as a student conference on sustaina...

Be healthy and vital

Be healthy and vital

Juggling can be a great way to take your mind off other things
Debate Dope vs. Novum: spot the differences

Debate Dope vs. Novum: spot the differences

What the purpose was, said moderator professor Harm Hospers at some stage during the great election debate between Dope and Novum last week, was that the differences between the two student parties would become clearer. With little stimulating interventions, he therefore did his very best to discover those differences. It turned out to be a difficu...

Typical NL: University for all

There are certain bizarre-but-endearing things about the Netherlands that everyone knows about. Clogs, for example. But what I only learned when I moved here was that there are no – or at least, few – selection criteria for university admission. I can just picture the reaction back home: “But how do they keep the dumbasses out?” The short answer, ...

Bridging the gap

Creating an international learning community in which no student feels excluded – this is the aim of the School of Business and Economics with its International Classroom Development programme. From September, all first-year bachelor’s students will learn how to communicate and cooperate with students from different cultural backgrounds.
“We want people to interpret the story for themselves”

“We want people to interpret the story for themselves”

A Thursday night. Four girls are running around a rehearsal space, going through a bag of clothes. “Only the skirts, right?” “No, put everything on.” Meanwhile, their director is busying himself with décor pieces and discussing the use of a smoke machine with the photographer. The girls are actors in KAS, the newest production of student drama clu...

No more Make Bar in d’n Hiemel

The Make Bar is closing down after two years. On 19 May the student café, located in d’n Hiemel at the Sint Bernardusstraat, will organise its final party.

King of the road

Coming from a place where the automobile is king of the road, it’s refreshing to bike around Maastricht and not fear for my life. When I tried biking to class in Texas, I was nearly clipped by cars or cut off by oblivious students who were texting while walking. After a week of riding my little blue bike here in Europe, I was excited to see that bi...

UM scores well again in German ranking

International Business, Economics, Psychology, Medicine and European Studies have scored well again in the latest ‘Hochschulranking’ by the German ‘Centrum für Hochschulentwicklung’ (CHE), published by the German magazine Die Zeit.
Monet just beats macaroons for what’s best about France

Monet just beats macaroons for what’s best about France

Emma Batchelor, 20, from Sydney, Australia, is an exchange student in Art Theory and History

No rush on parking places

Exactly 110 foreign students applied for parking permits this academic year. For five euros a month, they can park their cars in areas around the city centre, including Brusselse Poort, Mariaberg, Villapark, Sint Pieter, Jekerdal and the parking lot at Noorderbrug/Franciscus Romanusweg. This is not much, considering the fact that 275 places were re...