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Entries for May 2012

The principle vs the practical

  I’m not in love with the langstudeerdersregeling. Imposing it on students who incurred a study delay before it was implemented is wrong. But I am irritated by the bad arguments made against it. ‘It puts too much pressure on students.’ No. With a few exceptions, if a student honestly can't finish a bachelor’s degr...

“I’m fucking done with you”

“I’m fucking done with you”

A landlord who throws you to the ground, turns your visitor out onto the street, or leaves you in the cold for four weeks in the middle of winter when the heating goes off. All these are examples of inappropriate behaviour. Dutch UM students have just as many issues with badly behaved landlords, but international students are the most vulnerable, a...
The Dutch weather: so cold and grey

The Dutch weather: so cold and grey

Temko Doris is a first-year UCM student from Nairobi, Kenya

Dutch culture classes for the newly arrived

“Maastricht University could definitely be more international,” says Raluca Nicolae, a master student of Management of Learning, from Romania. She reckons it would help if there were more nationalities at the university. “It would be better if the students came from more diverse backgrounds, instead of mainly from two countries; G...

Luminous Landscape, Mosae Zappa and Cantos Animata

Luminous Landscapes Project What’s the role of the landscape in films? Students of the master study of Media Culture have created an exhibition regarding this question. It can be seen in the foyer of the Lumière Cinema and is called the Luminous Landscapes Project. There are, for example, three 1-minute films of the same story, but in differ...

A real choice

A real choice

As many as four student parties are taking part in this week’s University Council elections, twice as many as last year. And given the lively and at times fierce election debate, it would seem that students this year also have a real choice. The debate was led last Monday by the UCM dean Harm Hospers.

I’ll take the big stick

Funny things, graduations. I like wearing silly hats as much as the next person, but it does make you wonder. Whoever came up with the outfit? In the good old days, students wore full academic regalia every day. These days gowns are usually reserved for graduations, but if you decide to make a career of academia, you can still collect quite a numbe...

The warmth of Italy

The warmth of Italy

Valeria Pintus (23), Sardinia, Italy, graduate of the University College Maastricht and singer in the Maastricht student band The Serious Beans Project

“Music flows around us like water”

  Until recently, most people went to a store to buy CDs. Now they stream, download (illegally), use YouTube or buy music via iTunes. So which distribution model will prevail? This is one of the issues to be discussed at the M3 Event, a conference on the ‘future of music’ organised by students of the Faculty of Arts and Social Sci...
A new Maastricht Treaty

A new Maastricht Treaty

“We had to step back, we couldn’t take the recent changes – like the economic crisis – into account”, says European Studies student Tina Fanenbruck. She was one of the students representing the Netherlands at the historic European Council at EuroMUN, which took place in the MECC from 16 until 20 May. The European Model...

UM wants to dispose of Guesthouse

In principle, the decision has been taken: the university wants to discontinue the Guesthouse organisation, which offers and manages furnished rooms for foreign students. An external party is being sought to take over the operation. It remains to be seen if this will succeed.

Netherlands benefits from foreign students

Foreign students do not cost the Dutch state any more than they yield. On the contrary, the balance is ultimately a favourable one. This was the outcome of a special study by the Bureau for Economic Policy Analysis (CPB), carried out at the request of state secretary Zijlstra for Education.

University Choir, Pinkpop and Lysistrata

University Choir The University Choir will celebrate its 35th anniversary with two concerts on Saturday 25 and Sunday 26 May in La Bonbonnière. The choir will sing together with university choirs from Granada (Spain), Helsinki (Finland) and Halmstad (Sweden), with the theme ‘Summer nights’. Tickets cost €10 or €7 for students...

Dancing and integrating at the same time

  Nothing else will get you warmed up better for a great summer than a lovely day in the sun with the finest music and DJs. This is the text on the website pitching for Summer Deejays, a music festival at the Griend for students, next Friday. An ideal warm-up, undoubtedly true but what is more important, is the fact that the organisers &ndash...


  What are the business trends of 2012? ‘Trendspotting’ will be one of the main topics during the fourth Maastricht Week of Entrepreneurship (MeWeek), which revolves around ‘change-makers’ who can inspire young entrepreneurs. Social and ecological entrepreneurship has been a key trend in recent years, says lecturer Ge...

Sustainability Vision 2030

“A goal that guides us” – this is what the Green Office is looking for in its Sustainability Vision 2030. Just as there is a strategic plan for the future of the university, the Green Office wants to write a plan for the future of sustainability at UM. But, as they explained during their presentation to staff and students last Tue...

Knitting Image, Summer Deejays, KunstTour

Knitting Image It’s all about knitting at the new Uit de Keuken van Sam project. SAM is the Maastricht Ateliers Foundation, which rents studios to artists. On its invitation, artists Juul Sadée and Han Rameckers have created Knitting Image. This project kicks off on Saturday 12 May with a knitting session where participants will, under the s...

FASoS: just one extra course

How many extra courses can a student do on top of the regular bachelor’s programme? Three, as the students of the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences wanted? Or just one, as the board argued? Last Thursday the council and board had a heated discussion on this topic during an extra Faculty Council meeting on the Education and Examination Regul...

“Spread the word that there’s an English track”

Her first encounter with Problem-Based Learning was quite a shock, laughs Ghada Almojadidi, a second-year Medicine student from Saudi Arabia, originally from Makkah. “I arrived in the middle of the year that prepares students from my country for Medicine. The first thing I noticed was that the teacher wasn’t talking; it was the students...

Ethical elections at UM

Good, clean elections, that is what Melissa Waßmuth, board member of the student representation party Novum, is pleading for. No more laptop-voting, no more chasing voters. To get ethical elections we need a code of conduct, she says.
Touring through the countryside

Touring through the countryside

Nahush Bhat, 22, from Karnataka, India, master’s student of bioinformatics

More student parties running for university council and FHS seats

Not just two - as was the case in 2011 - but five student parties are in the race for university council seats. The number of participating parties at the Faculty of Humanities and Sciences has also grown, from two to four.

But wait, there’s more

Reading study books all the time makes me a bit cross-eyed. So I wanted to rediscover the enjoyment of reading. Of course, I should have opted for a nice, easy English book. But I like to make life hard, so instead I chose a nice, ‘easy’ Dutch book. My first ever, since Jip en Janneke doesn’t count. And sure, I translate Dutch all...

Science programme growing

Science programme growing

  Last week, the first students from the Science Programme started their work in the science lab at the Chemelot campus in Geleen. Not all the boxes have been unpacked yet, says dean Thomas Cleij. “We got seven pallets, each of them with ten or more boxes. Filled with glassware such as vials and retorts.” About 140 new students -...

SBE at 49

The Maastricht economists have made a leap forward in the top 100 of the Tilburg University Economics Ranking, going from place 62 to 49. The international list is based on the number of publications from 2007 to 2011 in dozens of top journals. Five Dutch universities are listed, of which Tilburg holds the highest place (21). Nothing has changed at...

Joints will be hard to get

Joints will be hard to get

It is unclear how many students will be affected, but it seems irrefutable that some will be confronted with it: the grass pass.

Timothy Garton Ash on Europe’s illness

Half a year ago, British historian Timothy Garton Ash gave the following answer in Der Spiegel to the question what the illness was that Europe is suffering from: “Europe is a woman, now middle-aged, who has already had a number of heart attacks and is currently experiencing the biggest health crisis of her life, but one that need not be fatal.” I...

''It's polite to learn at least some Dutch”

''Being a student in International Business, you come across a lot of Germans'', says Simon Hast (23,),a third-year student from Germany at the School of Business and Economics. ''Yet most of the students already have an international background. A lot have travelled to places all over the world; some have even lived in other countries before comin...

No stacks of paper or lost notes

No stacks of paper or lost notes

“Can we start with the pre-discussion about the European council?” asks the chair of today. “We need a volunteer to write on the whiteboard.” One of the students from the PBL group on ‘European Politics’ raises his hand. Ten minutes later the chair takes a picture of the mind map drawn on the whiteboard and sends it to his fellow students. Beep, be...

First aid for research problems

A blog by and for researchers, full of helpful tips, tricks and tools for scientific research. SHARE-IT, created by a team of six UM researchers, went online last week.
"I definitely couldn't live without football"

"I definitely couldn't live without football"

Jacek Przybylski (25), from Wrocław, Poland, is a bachelor’s student in European Law

Students committed to the Al-Mansouri case

It’s been six years since Abdoullah al-Mansouri was arrested in Syria and extradited to Iran. Al-Masouri is an Iranian who fled to Maastricht in 1989 as a result of his work for the independence of the Ahwazi, an ethnic minority in Iran. In Maastricht he was an active member of the Dutch Council for Refugees, Amnesty International and GroenLinks. S...

Awaiting the Academic Spring

Ten thousand academics have now signed the petition to boycott journals by Elsevier, the Dutch-Brittish publishing giant now widely seen as the pin-up of profiteering. In a move that could kick off a revolution in the spread of scientific knowledge, the Wellcome Trust, one of the world’s largest funders of medical research, recently announced that ...

“Students feel in charge without a tutor”

“From one day to the next, the locations of the tutorial groups had changed and I couldn’t find my first-year group”, says Jonathan van Tilburg, lecturer at the Faculty of Health, Medicine and Life Sciences. “So what happened: the students did it themselves. Afterwards they sent me their learning goals. They were of a very high level. The students ...

German UM students do not visit Dutch GPs

As clarified in EU legislation last year, European Union citizens are entitled to health care abroad and compensation of the expenses. The EU expects patient mobility to boom. However, PhD research by Irene Glinos among German UM students indicates that this remains to be seen. Hardly any of them ever visit a Dutch GP.

El Dunya, Master Peace and International Food Fair

El Dunya festival A tour around the world in your own town – this is what the El Dunya festival claims to be. On Sunday 6 May a big market will be held in the Stadspark with items from all around the globe, as well as world music, dance and workshops. The market will be open from 12.30 until 19.30; all performances and workshops are free of charge...

WE festival: more than just a party

The organisers of the WE festival are hoping that they will create a community. The festival, which is organised by students in co-operation with parties such as Landbouwbelang, Maastricht University, Novum and the Green Office, will be held for the third time, from 8 until 13 May. The programme is diverse: yoga in the park in the mornings, a veget...