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Entries for June 2011

Pure Alpha loses Jong Ondernemen final

The adventure of becoming the best Jong Ondernemer in Europe has come to an end for Pure Alpha, a company of six SBE students from Maastricht.

Back home

After a few months in Maastricht, I don’t miss my family, pets, or friends more than I miss my one comfort food that just doesn’t exist here. Texans are born and raised to cook and eat authentic Mexican food, so every week I yearn for the free endless servings of chips and salsa back home. Europe definitely has America beat in every other area of f...

"I'm a tea purist"

"I'm a tea purist"

Sara van Goozen (21), from the Netherlands, is a third-year student at UCM and will be graduating in July.  

Science College to go ahead

There will definitely be a Science College in Maastricht, as part of University College. The Ministry of Education has given its permission, as NVAO, the agency that ensures the quality of studies, has given a positive recommendation.

Dour Festival and Out of Storage

Dour Festival More than 200 bands and DJs will perform at the 23rd Dour Festival from 14 to 17 July in Dour, Belgium. Headliners this year are Cypress Hill, Papa Roach, Pulp and House of Pain. The Dour Festival aims to showcase a diversity of artists on its seven stages, with each stage flying the colours of its own particular genre. Observant is ...

Typical NL: fatty herring

What is the most typically Dutch food of all? Some would say friet, but Belgians would certainly object. The question who was first and more importantly who makes the best will never be answered. My favourite frituur developed a compromise: it uses Belgian potatoes, Dutch oil and for the mayonnaise you can choose between Belgian, Dutch or German. I...

SBE students want an extra seat in council

The functioning of the Faculty Council of the School of Business and Economics should be improved. This was a proposal of students and employees in the last meeting. The students want an extra seat to better represent their constituency.
“It has become a fairer competition”

“It has become a fairer competition”

What is the best way for a business to react to negative reviews on social media, blogs or personal websites? This question is the focal point of Tom van Laer's thesis, Return of the Narrative, on the basis of which he gained his doctor's title last Friday. “Avoid a business-like response!”

UCM wants higher lecture fees

University College Maastricht wants to drastically raise lecture fees for EU students from September 2012. This is because otherwise the quality of education can no longer be maintained, says the management of UCM.

Smoking cessation measures even more effective

“Ridiculous,” is what professor Onno van Schayck calls the government’s decision to stop funding smoking cessation therapies. In the meantime, new research has shown how effective something like the anti-smoking tablet can be for smokers selected on the basis of genetic characteristics.
Dreaming of Italy

Dreaming of Italy

Dominique Meyers (23), from the Netherlands, is a master’s student in Developmental Psychology

Buttery popcorn

I grew up playing basketball, baseball, and American football with my three siblings and neighbourhood friends in the front yard; we broke a few windows and wore our previously grassy yard into a dirt pit, but we had the time of our lives out there. I was shocked to discover that these sports are extremely rare in Europe and are replaced with sport...

Phone home

Phone home

It is perhaps hard to imagine, but only fifteen years ago international students and employees could only communicate with their friends and family back home through a letter in the mail. Now, social media, Skype and WhatsApp make instant communication possible. But internationals students still send real postcards.  

Summer Deejays and BAM Festival

As summer is coming, it’s time for Maastricht’s outdoor dance event for students: Summer Deejays. This is the third annual festival, and will take place on Friday 17 June. It promises a full day of dance music with DJs such as Michel de Hey and Peter Horrevorts. The event will be held at the Griend, which means you’ll be able to watch the sunset wh...

Explore European cinema

To explore European identity through European cinema; this is the aim of Project Cinemaas, a project by four Media Culture master’s students. “In the second semester of the master’s we have to do either an internship, a thesis or a collective project”, says Clarence Ceniza. “We chose the collective project.” The group attended three film festivals...

Alain Clark opens Inkom 2011

Dutch artist Alain Clark - known from Father & Friend, Blow me Away and This Ain’t Gonna Work - will open Inkom 2011 on the market square on Tuesday, 23 August. After a sensational performance last year, Maastricht singer Fabrizio (pronounced: Febries) will make another appearance this year. He sings Italian pop songs in Maastricht dialect and ...

Maastricht-Liege-Brussels line at risk

The Belgian Railway (NMBS) is considering cancelling the direct train connection between Maastricht and Brussels. This “problem line” is subject to delays. Maastricht University and the Limburg provincial authorities want to approach the Belgian railway to emphasise the importance of this line. The Walloon town of Visé has started a petition.  ...

Cultural festival during Inkom

For the first time, there will be a real festival in the city park, with shows, music, dance, film and other events. Called Culture Valley, it will feature popular Dutch band Kensington as a main act.

Shopping at midnight

When I’d procrastinated myself into a midnight session of studying back home, I could always count on Wal-Mart to be open and offering exactly what I’d need to get me through the night. Adapting to the work schedule of shop owners and grocery stores in Maastricht was a challenge – I’d forget and show up at the store after five just to walk back hom...

Africa Day at UCM

Africa Day at UCM

“Tonight we want to celebrate the continent of Africa”, says Shaun Matsheza, one of the organisers of the UCM Africa Day, to the very crowded common room. “Africa is not only the continent of troubles.” Africa Day is the annual commemoration on 25 May of the 1963 founding of the Organisation of African Unity (OAU). On this day, leaders of 30 of th...

"I like my pancakes to be a bit crusty on the sides"

"I like my pancakes to be a bit crusty on the sides"

Charlotte Weinspach (21), a second-year European Law student from Cologne, Germany

Momentum, Fashionclash and pop-exhibition

Momentum Momentum is the debut of the young theatre producer Ananda Puyk, whose work has been received with open arms at a variety of international film festivals. In this show, she plays a woman tired of keeping up appearances in front of the rest of the world. The story is told through images, music and dolls only; there is no speaking. You can ...

“Back next year!”

“Back next year!”

With a broad smile and saying that he was “pleased as Punch”, Jos Lemmink, dean of the School of Business and Economics, accepted the large Faculty Fight challenge cup last Monday. “I feel that there should be another Faculty Fight next year. This initiative is good for the entire university community and for our faculty.”