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Two or three kisses on the cheek?

Two or three kisses on the cheek?

Photographer:Fotograaf: Observant

Doga Kordel (19) from Istanbul is going to study International Business. He chose Maastricht because he wanted to study in Europe and he didn’t want to make it too expensive. However, the most important reason is that he wants to learn a new language, after learning French and English in high school. He also got accepted in Tilburg, but he didn’t really like the city: “The center is a bit disappointing, it’s so small.”

So far he hasn’t really been hungover yet. “Turkish people can withstand alcohol very well.  I had twelve shots on Tuesday at the Mecc party, but I felt okay yesterday morning. Only this morning was a little rough. I think I had about thirty beers yesterday.”

The Dutch culture is going to be the biggest challenge. “Little things like greeting people are different here. In Turkey we kiss two times on the cheek when we greet each other; both with men and women. It’s three kisses here; only for women.”

“My parents are still worried about me coming here. They call me every day, even though they’re very mad at me right now. I lost my credit card in the beginning of the week.”



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