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University Library night-time opening not very popular

University Library night-time opening not very popular University Library night-time opening not very popular

Photographer:Fotograaf: Observant

MAASTRICHT. It's three o' clock at night. The German Moritz Brunner and the South African Saud Adam, both first-year students of International Business, are studying for their Finance exam in the lobby of The Student Hotel. For the time before and during the exam weeks, between 18 May until 10 June, this is the night-time opening facility for the University Library. Because of neighbourhood protests, the planned night-time opening was not possible at the city centre location of the University Library. They normally wouldn't study so late, but “we underestimated the course,” says Brunner as he eats a take-away. They will stay for another hour, at the most.

“We don't think that there will be a great rush,” said University Library director Ingrid Wijk to Observant last month. That prospect appears to have been correct, aside from Brunner and Adam there are four other students swotting. Even last week, when it was busier, there were only about fifteen students revising, says the porter. “Most students leave at about one or half past one.”



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