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Rain songs and orgasms

Rain songs and orgasms

Photographer:Fotograaf: Joey Roberts

Connect festival The Innbetween

Arabian sounds come from the living room of the student pastoral care centre The InnBetween. The place is lit by candles. Some fifty visitors are sitting on the floor with a cup of tea near the stage or on one of the folding chairs, listening to the Palestinian Bint Mbareh. For het master’s thesis, she researched traditional Palestinian rain songs, which were used in times of drought to bring about rain. She made a mix of the sound fragments sung for her by women during her investigation. Mbareh sings live together with the women. After a few minutes, in the silences in between the sound fragments, raindrops are heard falling on the open windows and the leaves of a bush close by. But that is of course a coincidence.

The living room concert was the last event of the seven-day Connect festival by The InnBetween. The aim of the festival is obvious, explains the organiser and third-year student of University College, Azia Lafleur: “Connecting people.” Preferably in a comfortable and educational way. “That is why the student pastoral care centre organised a total of 19 different events over seven days.” Can you give some examples? Lafleur: “The things that we organise throughout the year, such as yoga, meditation and refugee meals. But also one-off events such as the ‘Self Gynaecology’ workshop. Women were able to learn more about their bodies, but it was also about orgasms, STDs and personal stories.” Entry requirement: a vagina; trans people were also allowed.

The week – which also served as the introduction to The InnBetween – went beyond expectations, says Lafleur. “On Wednesday, we already had the same number of visitors as last year. Over 500 people attended. I hope that everyone now knows that The InnBetween is a place where you can drop in for company and a cup of tea throughout the year.”



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