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New in Maastricht: spikeball

New in Maastricht: spikeball

Photographer:Fotograaf: Loraine Bodewes

MAASTRICHT. What started as a Christmas gift has grown into the latest student sports club in Maastricht: spikeball club Cactus Maastricht.

“Spikeball is a relatively new sport that started in the United States,” says Marcel Rooms, master's student of Work and Organisation Psychology, and chairman as well as founder of the club. “It cannot really be compared to any other sport, but it has elements of volleyball and squash.” Spikeball is played with a small plastic volleyball, the size of a large orange. The ball can only be touched up to three times by a team before it has to touch a net in the centre of the playing field (a kind of trampoline). “Each team has two players and nobody has a fixed place on the court. Whoever reaches 21 points first, wins the set and in official competitions it is best-of-three,” Rooms explains.

The idea for the club emerged after his roommate had been given a spikeball set – a ball and a net – for Christmas. “It became a habit in our house, we played almost every day,” says Rooms. “We thought it was so much fun that we wanted to share and play it with more people. What better way than with a club?”

The club still has to be officially founded, but so far it already has about ten candidate members. They train every Thursday evening between half past seven and nine on the Geusselt's outdoor courts. At the moment, we only have practice games, says Rooms. “It is such a new sport; we ourselves are still trying to work out the best way to play the game.”



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