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Saurus again the fastest grower

Saurus again the fastest grower

Photographer:Fotograaf: Christian Moog

MAASTRICHT. For three years in a row, Saurus has been the fastest growing of the four large Maastricht student associations. They have registered 175 new members this year, 59 of whom are international students. Enthusiasm for Circumflex has seen a lift and Tragos has also seen a slight increase. Koko is the only one experiencing a decline.

Saurus chairperson Rosalie Bovy is “very happy”. She thinks that the large number of new members is mainly due to the new approach in the introduction weekend. “There was more focus on the sporting aspect.” For example, there was an extra boot camp. “We also explained very clearly what exactly we expect from the members and what it costs. We lost very few people after the introduction weekend this year.” And lastly, there was an extra information evening for foreign students.

Koko is the only association to welcome fewer members than last year. They had 102 new members, eighteen of whom were foreign students. Last year, the numbers were 109 and 26, respectively. No reason to panic, says Koko chairman Jordi Janssen. “The Inkom last year was very good, so 102 is fine, as expected.”

Circumflex suffered a huge dip last year (minus fourteen), but the new registrations show a slight increase this year: 106 instead of 101. “A minimal rise,” chairman Stan van der Vleuten admits. “We are striving for more, but we are nevertheless happy with this.” Compared to other university cities, international Maastricht is having a hard time, says Van der Vleuten. “Internationals usually show little interest in student associations.” CF registered only two new foreign students, just like last year. “An association like Saurus has less of a problem in that regard, because they are primarily a sports association.”

Tragos welcomed six new members more than last year (126 instead of 120) and is satisfied with that, says Tragos chairman Marc Albers. “Thirteen of those are internationals, mainly Belgians.” 



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