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"The question about the ransom will also be answered then”

UM to reveal all about the hack on 5 February

MAASTRICHT. On 5 February (rather than 6 February, as was initially stated by the Executive Board), Maastricht University will “reveal all” about the cyberattack. During a public meeting, the UM intends to present its findings concerning the ongoing investigation into the hack, and provide answers to (almost) all the questions. That includes the question as to whether a ransom was paid and if so, how much.

The actual setup of the meeting is not yet clear. What is clear is that outsiders for whom these findings are also relevant, are welcome, as is the press.
What does ‘reveal all’ mean exactly? Fons Elbersen, interim spokesman: “We are striving for maximum transparency, we want to share our experiences with others, so that we can all learn from them. At the same time, we are not going to share sensitive information that might help new hackers or that might otherwise harm the interests of our students or staff.”

More and more systems are becoming available, but at this very moment there is still only Internet access via Wi-Fi on the computers, not via the wired network. The UM Card cannot be topped up, printing, copying and scanning are not possible, Corsa (archiving system with personnel records, student records, various board archives, et cetera) is not working either, and the registration of sickness and leave (IMAR) is still down.




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