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One million euro a year extra for FSE

MAASTRICHT. Maastricht University has officially received access to the experiments with CERN’s particle accelerator, the European organisation for nuclear research. There, to the west of Geneva, Maastricht researchers can now carry out extensive research.

The Faculty of Science and Engineering (FSE) has set up a new research group and the chair of Collider Physics. This will be occupied by Marcel Merk from Limburg, who works half of his time at the UM and the other half with his present employer Nikhef, the national institute for subatomic physics.

The research group wants to go in search of new, fundamental quantum particles, as was stated in the press release on the UM site. Moreover, they will investigate whether new applications of artificial intelligence and the super computer could be useful in the processing of data from CERN’s experiments.

The chair is funded by extra money that the Minister of Education had reserved for strengthening the science and technology sector, says dean Thomas Cleij. “This provides the faculty with an extra one million each year from now. This is, by the way, completely separate from the reallocation of funds, as the Van Rijn committee suggested.”

FSE will set up at least another three chairs in the course of 2020. Two in the field of computer science and one for chemistry.



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