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XIOR disputes rent tribunal judgment

MAASTRICHT. Student housing company XIOR, owner of the Carré building on the Tongersestraat and other property, is going to court to appeal against two decisions taken by the rent tribunal. The tribunal, which is an independent organisation that formally settles conflicts between tenants and property owners, recently ruled in favour of two tenants renting studios in the Carré building. The rent agreed was said be too high and a serious fault was identified (mould in the bathroom), for which the students should receive a discount on their rent.

The two occupants pay 550 and 580 euro per month, respectively. According to the rent tribunal’s calculations, this should be about 20 euro less. The difference is mainly due to the property’s Real Estate Appraisal value, which the tribunal states is lower than XIOR thinks. “We want the court to provide clarity on this matter,” says XIOR manager Robin Cremers.

In the case of the mould, Cremers states that this was identified in only one studio. “The problem has meanwhile been solved.” According to the rent tribunal, the rental company should give the tenant a 40 per cent discount on the rent for the duration of the fault. In the other case, the rent tribunal and XIOR differ on the cause of the mould. According to the tribunal, this was caused by a construction fault, according to XIOR the tenant did not ventilate the bathroom adequately. “It’s very simple, you just need to leave the bathroom door open every now and then,” says Cremers. “The tenant never reported the mould to us. If we don’t know there is a problem, we can’t fix it.”

It is not clear yet when the case will be heard in court.



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