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Covid-19 measures: how are students reacting?

Covid-19 measures: how are students reacting?

MAASTRICHT. What do the preventative measures that have been taken to curtail the spreading of the coronavirus mean for student associations and organisations? Observant asked the four largest – Koko, Tragos, Circumflex and Saurus – and found out that they immediately closed their doors on Thursday. Initially, Saurus wanted its rowers to continue training, but cancelled that as well on Saturday. The associations have also asked their members not to come together anywhere else, but to stay at home. Board members work from home as much as possible.

There was still some uncertainty among the students on Thursday. Where some associations (study, sports, charities) immediately cancelled all their activities until 31 March (meanwhile extended to 6 April) after the press conference in which the measures were announced, other (smaller) associations looked at what was possible on a smaller scale. Student pub De Uni was told by Maastricht City Council that they could remain open, on condition that a strict door policy was maintained. No access for anyone with a cold, and not too full. On Sunday, just like all other catering facilities in the Netherlands, they had to close after all.

In the meantime, students are also offering their help via social media. The women from Circumflex sorority Po’di Ragazze, for example, are asking who is available to do shopping for those who need help or to babysit.  The students from Universities Allied for Essential Medicines (UAEM), who are working towards making medicine available to everyone, started a petition to prevent a German company that was developing a Covid-19 vaccine from selling the exclusive rights to America. The company has already said that it is not for sale, a possible vaccine will be for everyone.



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