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Cheated: Test 1,200 SBE students declared invalid

MAASTRICHT. An exam of 1,200 students of the School of Business and Economics has been declared invalid due to cheating. That is what news website has just reported. It would be Quantitative Methods 2, which was taken online on June 12.

The news website has received an email that the faculty has sent to the students. Apparently, there was a mistake in setting up the exam software that caused many questions - the test was taken in three groups - to be put in the same order and exchange of answers was very easy. "There is evidence that a significant part of the students copied during the exam," says the e-mail sent from UM, according to While the intention was to always change the order of the questions, precisely to prevent fraud.

“It is therefore unfortunately impossible to punish a single viewer. That is why we cannot fairly assess the performance of individual students. ” Students react disappointed and indignant on the internet.

Read the detailed story about exam fraud tomorrow at





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