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Novum party leader exonerated

MAASTRICHT. The complaint submitted by student party Dope after the university elections in May, against Novum party leader because of  ‘misconduct’ is unfounded. This was the decision taken by the Executive Board last week. According to Novum’s leader, this was a case of “personal mud-slinging” against him.

Novum’s leader was accused of misleading the voters during the last elections by sending them an e-mail containing a link. Those who clicked the link immediately voted for him. Dope felt that this was unfair and undemocratic, so together with the other parties that participated in the elections for the University Council, they submitted a complaint. According to the party leader himself, this was not what happened. “It was not a case of misleading at all. I explicitly stated in the e-mail that one could vote for me by logging in using the link concerned. In the same message, I wrote that if they did not want to do so, they could use a separate link in my e-mail that took you to the general voting environment.” He says this is what happened.

On Thursday 18 June, Novum’s leader, a Dope representative and the voting committee attended a hearing by the department of legal affairs. The legal specialists subsequently advised the Executive Board, which then decides whether the complaint is valid. The latter appears not to be the case. And thus was the advice from both Legal Affairs and the Executive Board. Conclusion: the election results at the end of May were established correctly. The Executive Board did deem it very important that for the next elections a new code of conduct should be drawn up as to what is and what isn’t allowed.

The Novum leader had not expected anything else, was his reaction on the phone. “There was no case. It is a matter of personal mud-slinging against me.” In the past, when he also had a seat in the University Council, he and Dope often didn’t agree, he tells us. “When it comes to such topics as minorities, diversity or privacy, our views differ considerably.”

Dope party chairman Dirk van Esser did not want to react. The party felt “no need”.



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