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Even in times of COVID-19 the UM will grow

MAASTRICHT. Definite figures or growth percentages are not being given, the situation at the moment is “still too unsure,” say interim spokesperson Fons Elbersen. But it is no secret that Maastricht University can bank on more enrolments this academic year.

Elbersen is not committing himself, because registrations (students can register at several universities) are not the same as actual enrolments. Registrations are seen as the “rate of the day”, he said to Observant earlier. But “it is expected” that more students will actually start a study programme at the UM.

In June, the university sent a survey to all present (including graduates) and upcoming students; 29 thousand in total.
The question was if they actually wanted to come to Maastricht, in person. About half of them responded; 95 per cent of them do indeed want to be physically present.
A growth trend is visible at all Dutch universities, says Elbersen. More school-leavers have acquired a pre-university secondary diploma and fewer school-leavers are taking a year out to travel, do a social work placement or some other job.

Over the past years, the UM’s growth percentage fluctuated between 4 and 5 per cent. That could well be considerably higher this year.



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