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One of the world’s top thinkers: lab meat pioneer Professor Mark Post

One of the world’s top thinkers: lab meat pioneer Professor Mark Post


Sebastiaan ter Burg

Pharmacologist and UM Professor Mark Post, who created the cultured beef hamburger, is one of the fifty most important thinkers of our time, according to British general-interest magazine Prospect Magazine. The list of intellectuals was recently published on its website. 

Post: “I was completely surprised. I didn’t know the magazine and had no idea what making it onto this list meant. But I soon found out it’s a respected magazine. And, yes, it stroked my ego, something that usually doesn’t bother me.”

Post is in excellent company. Others who made the list include economist Thomas Piketty, philosopher Jürgen Habermas, documentary maker David Attenborough, and journalist and historian Anne Applebaum.

Post himself mentions geographer Jared Diamond, one of his academic idols who wrote Guns Germs and Steel (1997). “A wonderful book about how societies form.” 

Which of the top thinkers earns first place depends in part on votes from readers.



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