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Studio MBB: making online fun

Studio MBB: making online fun


Joey Roberts

MAASTRICHT. They do agree on one thing: online meetings, presentations and discussions could be much more fun. “And it doesn’t need to cost that much money.” Just before COVID-19, Werner Teeling, who is responsible for communication with students at the Faculty of Psychology and Neurosciences, and Bernd Kapeller, project manager for digital innovation at Marketing and Communication, started with what has rather quickly expanded into Studio MBB.

Employees and students can go to Studio MBB if they want to do ‘something’ with video. “That could be a livestream, an online seminar during a congress, a video clip,” says Kapeller. “If you want to make it into something more than just ‘switching on Zoom’, but don’t exactly have a large budget,” Teeling adds.

Don’t expect super slick productions, for that you need a media business, the men say, but you will get: technical knowledge, some creativity and a lot of fun. “A lot of what people do online is really boring,” says Kapeller. “That is because they translate word for word what they do offline to online or they go looking for a template – a fixed format – on Internet. That is why everything looks the same.”

“Here we have the technical knowledge to make it into more, so it would be a waste not to use that,” says Teeling. “Dare to experiment. The slogan on the open day is ‘go the extra mile’, I feel that this also applies to the employees. By putting the question on the screen, making sure that the speaker’s name can also be read, starting the video smoothly, you show: we have taken the effort.”

So far, Studio MBB has organised a number of livestreams, like webinars for prospective students and the kick-offs for hybrid meetings. Kapeller: “Then we have, for example, a couple of people here in the studio who give an introduction. That makes for people being more involved with the conference. I always say that  we are like make-up: we make it just that little bit prettier, because it is possible and fun to do.”



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