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Three Vidi grants for Maastricht

Three Vidi grants for Maastricht

MAASTRICHT. Deep brain stimulation, cardiac arrhythmia, and motor disabilities. Three Maastricht researchers have received a Vidi grant of 800 thousand euro from research financer NWO. A total of  81 researchers had their proposals accepted.

This time, all Vidi grants will go to Randwijck institutes. Ali Jahanshahianvar (MUMC) is looking into a less invasive variant of deep brain stimulation that does not require surgery. He is going to try to stimulate the brain with ‘magnetoelectric nanoparticles’. At the moment, deep brain stimulation can lead to complications such as a brain haemorrhage. 

Jordi Heijman intends to design new computer models to perfect the treatment of cardiac arrhythmia, and Bettina Sorger hopes to improve the communication and ‘self-effectiveness’ of children with serious motor disabilities.

The Vidi grants, intended to set up a research line, enable researchers to work for five years. There are winners in all kinds of disciplines, from the humanities to physics.

A mere 16 per cent of the applications were accepted. That is not a lot, but the acceptance percentage has been lower before. Women were successful slightly more than men: 17 against 15 per cent. 

In this round, most of the grants went to the University of Amsterdam, which managed to score eight. The universities of Nijmegen, Wageningen and Leiden each received seven.

The grants are part of NWO’s Talent Programme. For junior researchers, there are Veni subsidies, the Vidi subsidies are for experienced researchers, and lastly researchers can apply for a Vici subsidy. The results of the Vici round will also follow this week.




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