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Illegal student party on Tongerseweg

Caretaker contacted police himself

MAASTRICHT. The police ended an illegal student party in the former Bonnefantencollege on Tongerseweg last Friday evening. The caretaker, who works for XIOR (a real estate company and lessor of the more than 250 self-contained student apartments in the complex), contacted the police himself.

The 48 visitors present were all fined on the spot “for non-compliance with the emergency ordinance [corona measures, ed.]”, the police writes on Facebook. "The sound equipment used has also been confiscated."

According to XIOR manager Robin Cremers, they have been insisting since the outbreak of corona that students must adhere to the measures. Nevertheless, it went wrong on Friday. “The next day, we wrote a letter to all residents. Together with the entire team, we continue to remind students of their responsibility.”
In the coming period, security will be “intensified”, Cremers reports. It is unclear exactly what that means.

Previously, it went wrong in a XIOR building in Rotterdam, when about 150 students organized a Halloween party. Here too, security was increased afterwards; common areas are now closed in the evening (before ten o'clock) to prevent groups from gathering, according to Erasmus Magazine.



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