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Students create sustainability guide for Maastricht

Students create sustainability guide for Maastricht

MAASTRICHT. Students from Maastricht for Climate have set up a website that guides readers through a more sustainable life. From general information – what can people do against climate change – to specific tips, such as where to buy sustainable clothing in Maastricht. The website will be launched on Monday, 18 January and will be both in Dutch and English.

There are four sections on Food, Hygiene (cosmetics and cleaning products), Clothing, and Waste. “To us, they were logical subjects to start with,” says Rosanna Pohl, one of the students who participated in the creation of the guide. “These are things you deal with every day. At a later stage, we want to add other sections, for example about travel.”

Every page supplies the user with specific information in an accessible way. There is a table that lists the problems related to substances that are often used in cosmetic products. At a glance, consumers can see what to look out for. On the Food page, you can read what vegetables and fruit belong to a particular season.

“We did a lot of research,” says Laura Belse, who is also involved in the project. “We used academic sources, but also reliable websites and our own experiences – especially where it concerns daily habits and the shops in Maastricht.”

They intend to keep the website up to date. The list of sustainable shops and green initiatives, for example, will be reviewed regularly. “We want this to continue even after we have graduated. That is why we are working together with various organisations, which are also connected to the ‘Klimaat Actie Netwerk’. They will be given access to the website so that we can maintain it together,” says Belse.



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