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Universities lower the standard for BSA

Universities lower the standard for BSA


Loraine Bodewes

NETHERLANDS/MAASTRICHT. In view of the corona crisis and the recently extended lockdown, the 14 Dutch universities, including Maastricht University, are nevertheless lowering the standard for binding study recommendations (BSA) by 10 to 15 percent this academic year.

According to the VSNU university association, universities have been closely monitoring study progress recently. Because they believe it is still up to date, they stick to the BSA.

But because the well-being of the students is under considerable pressure, especially now that the lockdown is being extended by three weeks, they have decided, as previously the universities of applied sciences, to a collective lowering of the bsa.

The universities will soon announce what the effects of this will mean in terms of credits and per study program. In any case, the first-year students need to complete fewer credits in order to continue to the next academic year.

Incidentally, it remains possible for universities to further adjust the BSA rules if necessary. For example, if a study program is really unable to provide (practical) subjects. Students will be informed about this before 1 February. And, as always, they can make exceptions for individual students who have gotten into trouble.

Good start
Student organization ISO is pleased with the leniency “This shows the universities that this is not a normal year,” says chairman Dahran Çoban. She is pleased that previous calls have been answered.

The National Student Union also speaks of “a good start”. Chairman Lyle Muns would like to see the BSA completely off the table, "but this reduction will at least take some pressure off the kettle for the time being".

HOP, Hein Cuppen



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