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Social contact, fresh air and a history lesson

Social contact, fresh air and a history lesson



Circumflex organizes well-being weeks

MAASTRICHT. The Seed Barn or The Uitvreter (Loosely translated: The Freeloader)? What name is better name for the building of a student association? The second, was decided during the general members meeting of Circumflex in 1992. The association then moved into a building at Herbenusstraat 9 and had to come up with a name, say two senior Circumflex students from a camping chair in front of the building. First years learned this and more last Monday during the building walk, a walk along the old establishments of the association.

There is still some social contact with their year club, say Jenny Schoenmakers, second-year biomedical sciences, and Maxime Ottenheijm, second-year European Studies. The two are new members of Circumflex since this year. “But it is nice to meet some senior students in this way,” they say with a cup of coffee in hand. They got it at the starting point De Kaap from Specters Coffee. The association pays and part of the proceeds go to the Make A wish foundation.

The property walk is one of the activities organized by Circumflex as part of their ‘Two weeks of wellbeing’. “The well-being of students is not well,” says Circumflex chairman Tanne Nevels. “There is a particular need for social contact. We therefore wanted to do something for our members in a responsible manner. In addition, the first-year students learn something about our history and come into contact with older students of the association. It is going well: we have many registrations.”

There is something for everyone, says Nevels. In addition to the building walk, there is football training twice a week and there is an extensive online program: a cocktail workshop, yoga classes, a cooking class and a boot camp training. "We looked at what is possible."



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