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An unexpected 11 million extra for UM

An unexpected 11 million extra for UM


Karolina Grabowska via Pexels

MAASTRICHT. In the coming years, universities will receive more money from the government than initially promised. The reason: this year many more students enrolled at a Dutch university than estimated. That estimate is always the basis for the financing. Maastricht University will receive 11 million extra next year. That is earlier than usual in such a situation.

This so-called ‘reference estimate’ is a complicated story, says vice chairman of the executive board Nick Bos during the most recent university council meeting of the operations committee. “But in short, it comes down to this: if more or fewer students register than expected, the ministry will adjust the funding. In case of disappointing registrations, it can therefore also be adjusted downwards.”

So this year a (much) higher intake. This is because students were unable to take a gap year to work or travel due to corona, no final exams were held at secondary schools and the BSA (binding study advice) was temporarily suspended.

Bos: "Normally, the means adjustment is only made available after two years, but due to the very strong increase it will be in the coming year." This adjustment will increase to approximately 25 million extra in 2026. After that, the level will stabilize.

1.5 million of the 11.5 will be used for Covid19-specific costs in 2021, Bos says. "Think of vacancy in the Guesthouse and the closure of the sports center." The remaining 9.5 million will be divided among the faculties as usual - according to the UMA model.



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