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10.000 euro for a YouTube channel, series of lectures or digital platform

10.000 euro for a YouTube channel, series of lectures or digital platform



MAASTRICHT. Seven UM (teams of) scientists have received 10 thousand euro because of their merits in the field of science communication. The money has come from the so-called ‘Pilot Fund Science Communication by Scientists: Appreciated!’, founded by the Ministry of Education and implemented by KNAW.

The reward was created to promote science communication, which the ministry believes is not taken seriously enough yet. Interest was great: 96 applications, from 62 faculties of all universities. Ninety-one of those applications were accepted.

In Maastricht, seven (teams of) scientists received awards: Job van den Hurk and colleagues for the digital platform BrainMatters, which makes the results of brain research accessible to a wide audience; economist Paul Smeets for his YouTube channel The impact of giving, about charities; MERLN researcher Dennie Hebels and his colleagues for a mixture of guest lectures at schools and the involvement of patients in research; jurist Fons Coomans for his series of lectures on human rights; Frank Thuijsman for his science communication on mathematics; Anna Harris for her Sensory stories in digital times, and Veerle Melotte for her communication about oncology, neurology and biomarkers.



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