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Finally! Higher education open for one day a week again

THE NETHERLANDS/MAASTRICHT. From next Monday on, students are allowed to come to the campus of their university or university of applied sciences again one day a week. This was just confirmed by outgoing Prime Minister Rutte during a press conference.

Ten questions about coronavirus tests and higher education

THE NETHERLANDS. Self-test, rapid test, proof of testing, vaccination passport... we hear so many terms these days. So what’s what and what role will they play in opening the doors to higher education again?

No relaxation of measures, not at the UM either

MAASTRICHT. There is no official announcement yet, but the anticipated relaxation of the measures in higher education will not take place. The number of infections is too high. The doors of Maastricht University will therefore not be opened (further) next week. A great pity, rector Rianne Letschert feels, and “terrible” for the students...

No relaxation of the restrictions just yet, but higher education is allowed to ‘prepare’

THE NETHERLANDS. As was feared, teaching at universities and universities of applied sciences will have to continue largely online for the time being. However, evening practical classes are permitted again, and the higher education sector has been given the green light by the government to ‘prepare’ itself to reopen.
Curfew is “heavy blow” for students

Curfew is “heavy blow” for students

A curfew has been introduced, starting this weekend. Between nine o’ clock in the evening and half past four in the morning nobody – with a few exceptions – is allowed outside. This won’t make much difference to club life, say the chairpersons of the Maastricht student associations. For student life in general, they feel tha...

Curfew likely to affect exam schedules

THE NETHERLANDS. Pending approval by the House of Representatives later today, there will be a curfew in the Netherlands between 20.30 and 4.30, until 9 February. Universities and students continue to hope that an exception will be made for exams scheduled in the evening.