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Over 46,000 students want their tuition back

THE NETHERLANDS. In light of the ongoing lockdown measures, over 46,000 students have signed a petition demanding either a full tuition refund for the current academic year or a free ride next year. The initiators of the petition will present their proposal to the House of Representatives.

Not every Master’s graduate to get a €535 rebate

THE NETHERLANDS. Students earning their Master’s degree this academic year are entitled to a €535 refund on their tuition fees. According to the Ministry of Education website, that is. But the more detailed information available from the Education Executive Agency (DUO) seems to tell a different story.

Research reveals a billion euro deficit in higher education

THE NETHERLANDS. The Dutch higher education system needs hundreds of millions of euros in extra funding annually, says a report that the government shared last week. The distribution of funds can also be improved.

UPDATE: Will I be getting coronavirus support, too?

THE NETHERLANDS. The outgoing cabinet has earmarked an extra 8.5 billion euros to cushion the impact of the coronavirus crisis in the educational sector. Students will be compensated, too, but some will get more than others. You can check to find out.

Coronavirus compensation: 50 percent tuition fee reduction and relief for junior researchers

THE NETHERLANDS. Students enrolled in study programmes in the past year will receive a 50 percent reduction in tuition fees for the upcoming academic year as compensation for coronavirus disruptions. The contracts of academic researchers will also be extended, and higher education will receive compensation for skyrocketing student numbers. Student ...

Minister Van Engelshoven wants to accommodate delayed students

THE NETHERLANDS. Students who are delayed due to the corona crisis do not have to pay the bill themselves, now also says outgoing minister Van Engelshoven. But not all of them need a full extension year as far as she is concerned.

Senators put law against Anglicisation in the deep freeze

THE NETHERLANDS. Proposed legislation against the Anglicisation of higher education (Language and Accessibility) has encountered a delay. The Dutch Senate only wants to discuss it when a new government has been installed.
“I miss the chats before and after class”

“I miss the chats before and after class”

MAASTRICHT. She has a debate in the Lower House today and it almost feels like an outing with all those online meetings, says minister Ingrid van Engelshoven on Thursday morning at half past nine to eleven UM students. They were invited – every faculty asked one or more students – to speak with her for an hour or so about the quality of...