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Dutch big five pension funds lose €77bn in Q1 as coronavirus hits markets

THE NETHERLANDS. Four of the five biggest Dutch pension schemes have been hard hit by coronavirus-related panic on the financial markets, and their coverage ratios have shrunk to around 85%, according to first quarter figures.

Hospitals get ready to start treating non-coronavirus patients again

THE NETHERLANDS. Family doctors have made 360,000 fewer referrals to hospitals since the government first brought in measures to stem the spread of coronavirus on March 12, the national health council NZa said on Monday.

The Netherlands extends anti-corona measures to April 28, at least

THE NETHERLANDS. Special measures to stop the spread of coronavirus in the Netherlands are to be extended until April 28 at least, prime minister Mark Rutte told a press conference on Tuesday.  ​

Dutch will announce tonight how long to extend the ‘intelligent lockdown’

THE NETHERLANDS. Dutch ministers, health experts and other officials are meeting on Tuesday afternoon to discuss how long the Netherlands will extend what prime minister Mark Rutte has described as an ‘intelligent lockdown’ in the country’s bid to get coronavirus under control.  ​

Coronavirus hospitalisations near 4,000, Dutch death toll hits 864

THE NETHERLANDS. The number of people who are or who have been hospitalised with coronavirus almost hit 4,000 overnight, the public health institute RIVM said in its Monday update.​

Coronavirus closes schools, most Dutch infections traced to northern Italy

THE NETHERLANDS. As the death toll from coronavirus in the Netherlands hits three and the number of confirmed cases was put at 264, Dutch health officials say there is as yet no reason to take further precautions or increase the rate of testing.

Letter bombs go off in Amsterdam and Kerkrade, no injuries

THE NETHERLANDS. Letter bombs have gone off at an ABN Amro post sorting office in Amsterdam’s Sloterdijk business estate and at a post sorting office in Kerkrade, police confirmed on Wednesday morning.

50,000 sign coronavirus petition, as Chinese community speaks out

THE NETHERLANDS. Nearly 50,000 people have now signed an online petition denouncing discrimination against people of Chinese origin in the wake of the coronavirus outbreak since it was launched at the weekend.

More university lectures should be available to everyone online: VVD

THE NETHERLANDS. Far more university and college lectures should be available remotely for the general population to watch, according to MPs from the right-wing Liberal VVD.

The Netherlands is well prepared for the coronavirus, health official says

THE NETHERLANDS. The Netherlands must take into account the fact that some people may become ill with the coronavirus, given it has now been identified in Europe, a senior Dutch public health official has told the Telegraaf.

University academics campaign against structural, unpaid overtime

THE NETHERLANDS. A number of campaigning academics are reporting their universities and colleges to government inspectors for failing to take crack down on structural unpaid overtime.

Dutch to ban the sale of laughing gas for recreational use

THE NETHERLANDS. The Dutch government is planning to ban the sale of nitrous oxide, or laughing gas, for recreational use.  

Little change in poverty rate – nearly 8% of Dutch households are poor

THE NETHERLANDS. The number of low income households in the Netherlands remained unchanged up to the end of 2018 but may have gone down this year, the national statistics agency CBS said on Monday.

Student clubs ‘given 75% discounts’ to encourage heavy drinking

THE NETHERLANDS. Students’ associations are continuing to sign up to deals with breweries that reward heavy drinking by their members despite pledging to change the ‘alcohol culture’ at universities.

Late delivery tops list of online shoppers’ complaints: CBS

THE NETHERLANDS. One in two people who have bought something online in the past year have complaints about the service, with late delivery topping the list of consumer bugbears, according to a new survey by national statistics agency CBS.

Defence minister ‘probably’ told Mark Rutte about Iraq bombing casualities

THE NETHERLANDS. Former defence minister Jeanine Hennis did verbally inform then-foreign minister Bert Koenders in 2015 about possible civilian casualties due to a Dutch bombing raid in Iraq and ‘probably’ told prime minister Mark Rutte, current defence minister Ank Bijleveld has told MPs.

FMO accused of funding human rights abuses on palm oil plantations

THE NETHERLANDS. Dutch development bank FMO is one of four European lenders accused of financing human rights abuses in the palm oil sector in the Democratic Republic of Congo.

Salary survey shows women do earn less than men, even for equal work

THE NETHERLANDS. Working part time does increase the wage gap between men and women, costing women both money and promotion, according to annual research by Intermediair magazine and Nyenrode University.

Zwarte Piet protest group accuses police of failing to protect safety

THE NETHERLANDS. Protest group Kick Out Zwarte Piet (KOZP) has accused police of failing to protect its members’ safety after a weekend in which four people were arrested for violently breaking up a meeting.

Primary teachers’ strike on November 6 to go ahead after unions change tack

THE NETHERLANDS. A strike by primary school teachers on November 6 appears to be back on after unions reversed their decision to call it off.

Ministers aim to relax PFAS pollution rules after new limit halts earth-moving work

THE NETHERLANDS. Ministers have asked public health institute RIVM to look into relaxing the limits on how much of the chemical compound PFAS should be allowed in sludge and soil which is dumped on farm and landfill sites during dredging and earth-moving work.  

Poker players and businessmen – the biggest political party donors

THE NETHERLANDS. The biggest individual donation to a political party last year was €166,000 left to the left-wing green party GroenLinks in the will of psychotherapist Joop Valstar, current affairs show Nieuwsuur said, on the basis of an analysis of party annual accounts.

Street wardens to get pepper spray and batons to defend themselves

THE NETHERLANDS. The justice minister plans to allow street wardens – civil servants who carry out a variety of duties for local authorities – to have weapons such as pepper spray and batons, the Volkskrant said on Monday.

Piecemeal firework bans will not solve New Year problems, police chief says

THE NETHERLANDS. Dutch national police chief Erik Akerboom has written to MPs warning of major problems with the introduction of local New Year firework bans – as several cities are bringing in.

Climate activists arrested for blocking road near Rijkmuseum in Amsterdam

THE NETHERLANDS. Police have begun removing environmental protesters from outside the Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam after they ignored warnings not to block the road.

Traffic chaos as farmers drive their tractors to The Hague protest

THE NETHERLANDS. There were record traffic jams on the Dutch roads on Tuesday as thousands of farmers headed for The Hague to take part in a mass demonstration, hundreds of whom are travelling by tractor.

British nationals in NL dismayed by dual nationality change of plan

THE NETHERLANDS. British nationals in the Netherlands have reacted with dismay to the decision to drop them from draft legislation allowing people caught up in the Brexit chaos to have both Dutch and British nationality.

Few homes for international students

THE NETHERLANDS. With an estimated shortfall in the Netherlands of 31,000 rooms, many students still don’t know where they’re sleeping this semester. Deborah Nicholls-Lee reports on why international students are among the worst affected by the student housing crisis.

Budget leaks: Dutch economy is robust but growth is leveling off

THE NETHERLANDS. Everyone in the Netherlands will be better off next year, and the coalition government expects 2020 will be the seventh in a row in which the economy grows, according to leaked budget documents published by RTL Nieuws at the weekend.

Foreign students may face higher fees, be offered Dutch language lessons

THE NETHERLANDS. Foreign students in the Netherlands will be offered help in learning Dutch, and students from outside the EU may face higher fees, if new proposals on dealing with the internationalisation of the Dutch higher education system come into force.
Eindhoven University opens academic jobs to women only

Eindhoven University opens academic jobs to women only

THE NETHERLANDS. For the next 18 months, all academic jobs at Eindhoven University of Technology will be open to female candidates only in an effort to improve the balance between men and women on the permanent staff.

Universities must be more strict about who they let in: report

THE NETHERLANDS. Universities are too much alike in the Netherlands and too many students fail at the first hurdle, independent government science and technology advisory body AWTI has said in a report on how to make higher education future proof.

What does the new pension agreement really mean?

THE NETHERLANDS. Agreement on reforming the Dutch pension system has been 10 years in the making, and still needs fleshing out in detail – a process which is likely to take several more years at least.

Education minister withdraws plan to raise interest on student loans

THE NETHERLANDS. The cabinet has abandoned plans to raise interest on student loans after opposition parties indicated the measure would be voted down in the new senate.

Government urged to bridge €873m gap in highway maintenance

THE NETHERLANDS. The government has been urged to invest more in catching up with the maintenance of bridges, tunnels and waterways or risk economically damaging closures.

Outgoing senators back climate change legislation

THE NETHERLANDS. The outgoing senate on Tuesday backed the government’s controversial plans to tackle climate change – with 62 of the 75 senators voting for the new legislation.

Outgoing senators back climate change legislation

THE NETHERLANDS. The outgoing senate on Tuesday backed the government’s controversial plans to tackle climate change – with 62 of the 75 senators voting for the new legislation.

Housing corporation agrees to keep Moluccan neighbourhood Moluccan

MAASTRICHT. A Maastricht housing corporation has agreed to keep a small neighbourhood in the southern city as a ‘Moluccan area’, following local anger over plans to rent a home to a family with a different background.

Timmermans calls for ‘progressive alliance’ as Greens and liberals make gains in EU

THE NETHERLANDS. European commissioner Frans Timmermans has called for centre-left parties to form a ‘progressive alliance’ in the European Parliament to outflank the conservative EPP group, which won the largest number of seats.

Students call for rethink on loan interest rates, threaten legal action

THE NETHERLANDS. Student organisations say they will take legal action against the government if it presses ahead with plans to increase the interest rate on student loans.

Cities queue up for chance to stage next year’s Eurovision Song Contest

THE NETHERLANDS. The final chords of Duncan Laurence’s victory-lap performance of Arcade had barely fallen silent on Sunday morning as Dutch cities began jostling for the right to stage next year’s Eurovision Song Contest.

Young people taking longer to find homes, jobs and families

THE NETHERLANDS. People in their twenties are taking longer to reach key milestones such as getting their first job and leaving their parents’ home, according to the statistics agency CBS.

Hundreds of organic products don’t meet the rules: RTL report

THE NETHERLANDS. Hundreds of products are being sold in Dutch shops as organic but which actually come from farms which have broken the rules on animal welfare, the use of medicines and the environment, RTL Nieuws said on Tuesday.

Harassment, scientific sabotage widespread at Dutch universities

THE NETHERLANDS. Intimidation, bullying and ‘scientific sabotage’ are common among staff at Dutch universities and colleges, according to two separate reports, both published on Monday.

More people are pessimistic about the Dutch housing market

THE NETHERLANDS. More people in the Netherlands are pessimistic about the housing market, and the home owners confidence index dipped into negative figures for the first time in 4.5 years in March, according to home owners’ lobby group VEH.

More than 100 daycare centres ban non-vaccinated children

THE NETHERLANDS. More than 100 pre-school daycare centres spread all over the Netherlands say their policy is to refuse children who have not been vaccinated, according to broadcaster NOS.

Wolves set up home in Dutch national park, opinions are divided

THE NETHERLANDS. Two female wolves have settled in the Hoge Veluwe nature reserve and a male is also thought to be roaming the area, according to woodland rangers.

More violence against the police, officials back tougher sentences

THE NETHERLANDS. Dutch police were subject to 10% more cases of verbal and physical violence last year than in 2017, according to new police figures.

Four in five private landlords have just one house, CBS research shows

THE NETHERLANDS. Four in five private landlords in the Netherlands rent out just one property and see the income as a supplement to their pension, the national statistics office CBS said on Monday.

Organic food is getting cheaper, sometimes beats A brands

THE NETHERLANDS. Organic food has gone down in price compared with ordinary foodstuffs and in some cases may be cheaper than A brands, according to new research by the consumers organisation Consumentenbond.

Politicians on all sides condemn ‘shoot Baudet’ chants at demonstration

THE NETHERLANDS. Prime minister Mark Rutte has condemned a small group of demonstrators who chanted death threats against Forum for Democracy (FvD) leader Thierry Baudet during an anti-racism protest in Amsterdam at the weekend.

Flags half mast as the investigation into Utrecht tram shooting continues

THE NETHERLANDS. Three people are in custody in the investigation into Monday’s tram shooting in Utrecht which left three people dead and five people injured, three seriously.

Water board charges rise by 9% over four years

THE NETHERLANDS. Taxes to fund the water board have increased by an average of 9% in the last four years, according to the statistics agency CBS.

Provinces set to miss wind power targets as opposition to energy plans heats up

THE NETHERLANDS. Most Dutch provinces are set to miss their target for wind energy by the end of next year as a result of legal delays and resistance by political parties.

40,000 attend climate march as scepticism about climate change drops sharply

THE NETHERLANDS. Up to 40,000 people packed into Amsterdam in pouring rain on Sunday for what is being described as the biggest pro-climate march ever to take place in the Netherlands.

Britain is sleepwalking towards a no-deal Brexit, says Dutch prime minister

THE NETHERLANDS. Dutch prime minister Mark Rutte has renewed his call to Britain to reach agreement on Brexit, describing the current British position as ‘unacceptable’.

Housing agencies are still charging tenants fees, despite court ruling

THE NETHERLANDS. Some 70% of rental housing agencies are still charging new tenants fees even though this is not allowed by law, broadcaster NOS said at the weekend, quoting the Dutch competition authority ACM.

With one month to go, the provincial election campaigns kick off

THE NETHERLANDS. The Netherlands goes to the polls in a month’s time to elect 570 new members for the 12 provincial councils and campaigning is now beginning in earnest.

School pupil climate protestors to meet prime minister on Tuesday

THE NETHERLANDS. Prime minister Mark Rutte is to meet the initiators of last week’s school pupil climate demonstration on Tuesday afternoon. Economic affairs minister Eric Wiebes will also be at the talks, which are taking place outside school hours, Dutch media reported.

Dutch in top five of most-quoted scientists, says new Dutch study

THE NETHERLANDS. The Netherlands is in the top five countries whose scientists are most often quoted by their peers, Dutch scientific institute Rathenau has found.

Cancer cases double in 30 years, skin cancer still on the rise

THE NETHERLANDS. In total, 116,000 people in the Netherlands were diagnosed with cancer last year and the number of skin cancer cases has gone up sharply in the last few years, the Dutch cancer institute IKNL said on Monday.  

Cabinet tensions rise ahead of key debate on child refugee amnesty

THE NETHERLANDS. The four coalition parties have still not found a solution for the child refugee amnesty crisis, which is threatening to cause a serious division in the coalition.

Man rescued from under rubble after gas explosion in The Hague

THE NETHERLANDS. A man trapped in the rubble of an apartment building after a gas explosion in The Hague on Sunday afternoon was finally freed by rescue workers shortly before midnight.

NS reduces train services due to snow forecast, three centimetres expected

THE NETHERLANDS. Dutch railway company NS is running fewer services on Tuesday to head off problems with the forecast snow, even though no more than three centimetres is expected.

Coalition split as CDA, D66, ChristenUnie call for change to child refugee amnesty

THE NETHERLANDS. Three of the four Dutch coalition parties are now in favour of changes to the amnesty for well-rooted child refugees, saying the current situation is ‘untenable’.

More refugee families with children disappear from deportation centres

THE NETHERLANDS. Last year, 360 asylum seekers disappeared from family refugee accommodation in the Netherlands, of whom 210 were children, the Volkskrant reported on Tuesday.

Election campaign heats up as coalition leaders clash over climate change deal

THE NETHERLANDS. Coalition parties VVD and D66 have clashed over the government’s plans to cut carbon emissions, with both sides warning that they are prepared to bring down the coalition over the issue.

More people switch health insurer in year end transfer window

THE NETHERLANDS. Some 1.1 million people have switched health insurance company during the most recent transfer window, according to preliminary figures from health insurer association ZN.

Fundamentalist Protestants under fire over anti-gay rights statement

THE NETHERLANDS. Some 250 Protestant ministers in the Netherlands have signed a Dutch version of the Nashville Statement – a controversial document originating in the US which has been slammed for promoting homophobia, transphobia and misogyny.

Dutch population to hit 18 million in 10 years, says CBS

THE NETHERLANDS. Some 3.5 million people in the Netherlands are likely to live alone by 2030, a rise of 400,000 on the current total, national statistics agency CBS says in its new population forecasts.

Rutte turns Brexit into ‘parable of the fragile vase’ in pre-election missive

THE NETHERLANDS. Prime minister Mark Rutte has invoked the ‘chaos’ of Brexit as a cautionary tale of what could happen to the Netherlands if it neglects its political traditions of coalitions and compromise.

Girls more likely to do better at school than teachers suggest

THE NETHERLANDS. Girls are much more likely than boys to take school leaving exams at a higher level than recommended by their primary school, national statistics office CBS said on Tuesday.

Average energy bill predicted to soar past €2000 mark in 2019

THE NEThERLANDS. The average household energy bill is expected to rise by more than €300 next year, according to an analysis by price comparison sites reported in the Telegraaf.

Dutch showman loses case to become officially 20 years younger

THE NETHERLANDS. Dutch showman and motivational guru Emile Ratelband has lost his bid to have his age officially cut from 69 to 49.

Alcohol-free beer is just as much fun to drink, claim researchers

THE NETHERLANDS. Alcohol-free beer has the same effect on the brain’s pleasure centres as the genuine article, researchers at Wageningen University have found.

Students fined €95 for drunken high jinks on 50m crane

THE NETHERLANDS. Two students have been fined €95 each after they were rescued from a 50 metre tall crane by the fire service in a drunken prank.

Brexit deal is ‘best we can get’ says Dutch prime minister

THE NETHERLANDS. The deal signed by EU ministers on Sunday which paves the way for Britain’s withdrawal from the EU is the ‘best we can get,’ Dutch prime minister Mark Rutte said after the meeting.

IND overhauls Brexit information, says it will get in touch with all Brits

THE NETHERLANDS. The Dutch immigration service IND has totally overhauled the Brexit information section of its website, and now tells British nationals the government will provide ‘a decent solution’ even in the case of a no deal.

Amnesty International, MPs call on PM to condemn pro-Piet violence

THE NETHERLANDS. Amnesty International, the national ombudsman and the director of the Centre for Public Order and Security have condemned the way police and local mayors dealt with the violence targeted at this weekend’s anti-Zwarte Piet demonstrations.

Immigration service pays over €1m in refugee compensation claims

THE NETHERLANDS. The Dutch immigration service has paid refugees more than €1m in compensation over the past year because officials took too long to make decisions, the Volkskrant reported on Tuesday.

More low income families in NL, as refugees risk poverty

THE NETHERLANDS. The number of low income households in the Netherlands has gone up for the first time in four years, the national statistics office CBS said on Monday.

Lawyer for woman acquitted of blasphemy in Pakistan flees to NL

THE NETHERLANDS. The lawyer for a Pakistani woman who was acquitted of blasphemy, sparking protests by religions fundamentalists, has fled to the Netherlands.  

Big Dutch banks join forces to develop yellow ATM network

THE NETHERLANDS. The three big Dutch banks are introducing a new, uniform ATM system which will replace current ING, ABN Amro and Rabobank cash machines nationwide.

Electric wagon maker files for bankruptcy in wake of fatal crash

THE NETHERLANDS. The company which makes the electric wagons used by thousands of childcare groups to move children from place to place has filed for bankruptcy in the wake of last month’s fatal crash.

Amsterdam University student denied entry to UK for conference

THE NETHERLANDS. Legal experts have denounced the decision to refuse an Amsterdam University student from Bosnia entry to the UK to attend an academic conference as ‘irrational’ and ‘nonsensical’.

Former prime minister Wim Kok dies: ‘a man of total integrity’

THE NETHERLANDS. Former Dutch prime minister and Labour party leader Wim Kok has died in hospital at the age of 80 after a short illness.

Dutch to boost presence at 51 diplomatic missions by 2021

THE NETHERLANDS. Dutch embassies, consulates and business support offices in 51 countries will be strengthened over the coming three years, foreign minister Stef Blok has told MPs in a briefing.

Alexander Pechtold quits as D66 leader, after 12 years at the top

THE NETHERLANDS. D66 leader Alexander Pechtold is standing down as head of the party and will quit as an MP on Tuesday, he told delegates to the party congress on Saturday.

Ryanair to close Eindhoven base but says most flights won’t be hit

THE NETHERLANDS. Irish budget airline Ryanair said on Monday it is closing its Eindhoven base, which currently operates four planes, but said ‘most routes to and from Eindhoven will continue on overseas based aircraft’.

Dutch still lax on cyber crime, over half don’t have anti-virus software

THE NETHERLANDS. Despite the increasing prevalence of cyber crime in the Netherlands, 57% of computer users have still not installed anti-virus software and less than one third have made their passwords more complex, according to new research for the justice ministry and counter terrorism unit NCTV.

Fewer people are victims of crime, but youngsters top the list

THE NETHERLANDS. The number of people reporting they were victims of a crime has gone down 25% since 2012, the national statistics office CBS said on Monday.

ING told to bring bond, currency traders back to European mainland

THE NETHERLANDS. The European Central Bank has ordered Dutch banking group ING to reverse part of a recent move of some units to London, the Financieele Dagblad said on Monday.

Fewer students study Dutch in the Netherlands, but abroad it is popular

THE NETHERLANDS. Just 700 students signed up for a bachelor’s degree in Dutch at a university in the Netherlands last year, but outside the country, an estimated 14,000 students are studying the language and literature, the Volkskrant reported on Monday.

Budget leaks: Economic growth to hit 2.6% next year, Brexit and trade conflicts a risk

THE NETHERLANDS. The Dutch economy is forecast to grow 2.6% next year, but the finance minister believes Brexit and trade conflicts pose a considerable risk, according to the latest leaked budget documents.

Dutch happy with their lot, says new report

THE NETHERLANDS. The economy is up, and so are the Dutch. A new report into social conditions in the Netherlands reveals that Dutch people continue to rate their lives at 7.8 out of 10.

Howick and Lili given last-minute reprieve: ‘Now we hope our mother can join us’

THE NETHERLANDS. Two Armenian children who were given a last-minute reprieve from deportation by junior justice minister Mark Harbers at the weekend say they hope their mother will be allowed to rejoin them in the Netherlands.

Prize puts Dutch scientist in ‘Champions League’ of astronomy

THE NETHERLANDS. Dutch astronomer Ewine van Dishoeck has won the prestigious Kavli award for astrophysics for her work on the origin of stars and planets. She will receive the gold medal and €1m prize money from the hands of King Harald V of Norway on Tuesday.

Parliament resumes after the summer with a packed autumn agenda

THE NETHERLANDS. Parliament will hold its first public session since the recess on Tuesday, as MPs return to a packed agenda in the run up to both the budget and the end of the year.

Psychological pressure on first-year students: minister takes action

THE NETHERLANDS. Education minister Ingrid van Engelshoven is to introduce a limit to the amount of ‘points’ universities and colleges can demand first year students to earn in order to proceed to the second year of their course.

Discrimination of MBO trainees: minister announces measures

THE NETHERLANDS. Education minister Ingrid van Engelshoven (D66) has called on schools, institutions and companies to end the discrimination of MBO vocational school students who apply for traineeships.

Nicky Verstappen murder suspect arrested in isolated area in Spain

THE NETHERLANDS. Jos Brech, the man wanted for the murder of 11-year-old Nicky Verstappen over 20 years ago, has been arrested in Spain and will be extradited to the Netherlands.

Local man turns himself into Amsterdam police after Pinkpop fatal crash

THE NETHERLANDS. The 34-year-old driver of a van which ploughed into a group of people leaving the Pinkpop music festival in the early hours of Monday, killing one, has turned himself over to the police.

One dead, three injured after white van hits festival goers at Pinkpop

THE NETHERLANDS. One person has been killed and three seriously injured in an incident involving a van at the Pinkpop music festival in Landgraaf.

The Netherlands must remain welcoming to migrant workers: employers

THE NETHERLANDS. People from central and eastern Europe filled almost 5% of Dutch jobs in 2016, according to new research carried out for the employment agency umbrella organisation ABU.

Police warn about use of replica weapons following string of incidents

THE NETHERLANDS. Dutch police dealt with 350 incidents involving fake weapons in the first five months of this year, the AD said on Monday. This is a ‘slight rise’ compared with last year, according to a police press release.

Citizenship to have key role in Dutch schools: ‘children are not born democratic’

THE NETHERLANDS. All Dutch schools are to be required by law to give lessons in ‘citizenship’ so that children learn the ‘basic values of the democratic rule of law’.

English at university is fine, says minister, as long as standards don’t suffer

THE NETHERLANDS. The Dutch higher education system can continue to offer more courses and degrees in English, as long as it leads to an improvement in standards and that Dutch students are not forced out, education minister Ingrid van Engelshoven said on Monday.

Adult wins case to have Dutch birth certificate changed to ‘undetermined gender’

THE NETHERLANDS. A court in Limburg has ruled that an adult who feels neither male or female can be issued a new birth certificate stating that they are of ‘no determined sex’.

The Dutch are more likely to trust each other and Dutch institutions: CBS

THE NETHERLANDS. The Dutch developed more trust in both institutions and each other over the past year but the church remains bottom of the list, the national statistics office CBS said on Monday.  

Dutch bike total tops 22.7 million, or 1.3 bikes per person

THE NETHERLANDS. The Dutch bike fleet is probably over 22.7 million by now – and that means 1.3 bikes for every man, woman and child, roads lobby group Bovag said on Wednesday.

‘Dutch universities reach deal to limit (foreign) student numbers’

THE NETHERLANDS. The 13 Dutch universities have reached agreement on braking the growth in student numbers, particularly from abroad, the NRC said on Friday.

Rutte does U-turn and pledges to release documents on dividend tax

THE NETHERLANDS. Prime minister Mark Rutte has promised to publish all memos relating to the government’s controversial plan to scrap dividend tax.

Pressure mounts on Rutte to publish memos on scrapping dividend tax

THE NETHERLANDS. The cabinet is coming under pressure to disclose which organisations lobbied for the abolition of dividend tax after it emerged last week that secret memos had been submitted to the parties during last year’s coalition talks.

Complicated integration system is failing refugees, says new report

THE NETHERLANDS. The current system of integration courses and lessons for refugees is so complicated that many cannot find their way and the government needs to step in, according to new research by the Verwey-Jonker institute.

Cost of shutting off Groningen gas mounts, minister in dispute with Shell, Exxon

THE NETHERLANDS. Economic affairs minister Eric Wiebes is embroiled in a dispute with Shell and ExxonMobil about the bill for closing the gas taps in Groningen, broadcaster NOS said on Friday.

Councils may get the power to impose local firework bans, AD says

THE NETHERLANDS. Justice minister Ferd Grapperhaus is working plans which would allow local authorities to ban fireworks throughout the area they cover, rather than just bring in firework-free zones.

Dutch councils use algorithms to identify potential social security fraudsters

THE NETHERLANDS. Several Dutch local authorities are using algorithms to predict if welfare benefit claimants are likely to be committing fraud, the NRC reported on Monday.

‘Unethical’ Dutch health insurers invest in expensive pharma firms

THE NETHERLANDS. Dutch health insurance companies are investing millions of euros in pharmaceutical companies which charge extremely high prices for their drugs, the Volkskrant reported on Wednesday.

Finance minister plans tighter rules on bankers’ pay

THE NETHERLANDS. Finance minister Wopke Hoekstra is planning to tighten the rules on bankers’ pay in the wake of the row that blew up over ING’s proposal to raise its chief executive’s salary by 50%.

Dutch diplomat recalled from Turkey after spying allegations in local press

THE NETHERLANDS. The Dutch diplomat outed as a spy in Turkish newspapers has been brought back to the Netherlands for his own safety, broadcaster NOS said on Tuesday.

Cheaper parking for green cars among plans to cut air pollution

THE NETHERLANDS. Parking charges could be cut for drivers of eco-friendly cars as part of the government’s plans to meet pollution targets.

Dutch company bike scheme is too complicated, says tax minister

THE NETHERLANDS. The government is to simplify the rules surrounding the use of company bikes – e-bikes in particular – in an effort to make the the corporate perk more attractive.

Patients to get ‘more control’ over health records and who sees what

THE NETHERLANDS. From next year, people will be able to ‘manage’ their own medical records on their computer or mobile phone and decide who should have access to what information, health minister Bruno Bruins has told the Volkskrant.  

ING withdraws 50% pay rise for CEO after ‘underestimating public response’

THE NETHERLANDS. ING’s supervisory board has withdrawn the proposed 50% pay rise for chief executive Ralph Hamers, saying it had ‘underestimated the public response in the Netherlands on this clearly sensitive matter’.

Cabinet to lobby Brussels to abolish ‘fake news’ watchdog

THE NETHERLANDS. Dutch politicians are to call for the EU to take down its website for monitoring ‘fake news’, arguing that government agencies should not police freedom of speech.

Dutch tax inspectors get powers to go undercover and tap phones

THE NETHERLANDS. New rules giving tax inspectors and special government departments the power to tap phone conversations and carry out undercover operations have been passed in parliament with little fuss, the Volkskrant reported on Tuesday.

Troubleshooter Stef Blok returns to cabinet following Zijlstra’s fall

THE NETHERLANDS. Five months after quitting politics, Stef Blok has returned to the Dutch cabinet to replace Halbe Zijlstra as foreign affairs minister.  

Student funding body to close digital access point for a month for upgrade

THE NETHERLANDS. Students will be unable to access details of their funding online for a month while the service provider upgrades its user portal.

MPs branded ‘traitors’ by Turkish newspaper after genocide vote

THE NETHERLANDS. Turkish newspaper Sabah has accused five members of the Dutch parliament of ‘betrayal’ after they voted to recognise the Armenian genocide of 1915.

Police ‘mole’ who leaked case files to underworld gets five-year jail term

THE NETHERLANDS. A police officer has been given a five-year jail sentence for leaking confidential information to contacts in the criminal underworld.

Netherlands to hire at least 750 extra customs officers for Brexit

THE NETHERLANDS. The Dutch government is recruiting up to 900 extra customs officers to strengthen border controls after Brexit.

Student loan group can access private info about student travel

THE NETHERLANDS. Student loan group Duo can ask for information about the movement of students suspected of committing fraud by pretending to live at home, the highest Dutch administrative court said on Monday.

Ollongren calls on Baudet to debate racism in parliament, not police station

THE NETHERLANDS. Interior minister Kajsa Ollongren has urged Thierry Baudet to air his grievances in a public debate after the Forum voor Democratie (FvD) leader filed a police complaint against her claim that he was failing to tackle racism in his party.

No evidence of academic brain drain in the Netherlands, says top science body

THE NETHERLANDS. There is no evidence that more top scientific researchers are leaving the Netherlands than arriving here, the Royal Netherlands Academy of Arts and Sciences (KNAW) says in a new report.

Scrapping grants has not stopped poorer pupils going to university: CBS

THE NETHERLANDS. The government’s decision to scrap student grants in 2015 has not led to a reduction in the number of children from poorer backgrounds going to college and university but has led to fewer students moving away from home to study, the nationals statistics agency CBS said on Thursday.

The local elections are looming – and you may well be able to vote

THE NETHERLANDS. On March 21, voters in the Netherlands will elect the members of some 380 local councils. As well as Dutch nationals, an estimated 450,000 foreigners will also be able to vote – and that could include you.

University challenge: more students squash into Dutch lecture theatres

THE NETHERLANDS. The number of teaching staff at Dutch universities rose by 6% between 2012 and 2016 but the number of students rose 11% over the same period, the Dutch students union LSVB has told the NRC.

Brits in the Netherlands go to court to fight for European citizenship

THE NETHERLANDS. Several British nationals in the Netherlands are going to court in an effort to keep their European citizenship, despite Britain’s plans to pull out of the EU.

Call for energy drink ban amid concern about impact on teenagers’ health

THE NETHERLANDS. Doctors have called for under-18s to be banned from buying energy drinks amid concerns that they are damaging teenagers’ health.

Amsterdam university rector ‘calls for action on foreign student numbers’

THE NETHERLANDS. The University of Amsterdam is concerned about the rise in the number of foreign students and has asked education minister Ingrid van Engelshoven for help in managing the flow, the Parool reported on Tuesday.

Over 300 reports of quake damage, minister to cut gas production

THE NETHERLANDS. Over 300 official reports of damage have been made following Monday’s earthquake in Groningen province, which centred on the village of Zeerijp, website reported.  

Rising rivers cause widespread flooding but water authorities say no cause for alarm

THE NETHERLANDS. Nearly 200 cows and horses had to be rescued on Monday from meadows that were on the brink of being flooded by rising rivers.

Less crime, more spending power, more jobs: the Netherlands is getting better

THE NETHERLANDS. The quality of life in the Netherlands has shown improvement over the past 25 years, with crime rates falling, life expectancy increasing, people having more money to spend and educational standards improving, according to a major new report.

Primary schools closed nationwide as teachers strike for more pay, less pressure

THE NETHERLANDS. Primary schools across the Netherlands are closed on Tuesday as tens of thousands of teachers go on strike for more pay and improved working conditions.

More heavy snow likely to cause rush-hour chaos on Monday afternoon

THE NETHERLANDS. Weather forecasters are warning of more disruption on the roads and railways on Monday afternoon as a fresh band of snow sweeps in from the south.

Healthcare, IT, engineering and education skill shortages loom

MAASTRICHT/THE NETHERLANDS. Employers in the Netherlands will have a hard time filling vacancies in healthcare, IT, technology and teaching over the next few years, according to a new report on the Dutch labour market by researchers at Maastricht University.

Police union criticised for putting ‘price tag on civil rights’ in wake of Zwarte Piet demo

THE NETHERLANDS. Police union ACP has come under fire for revealing at the weekend that the cost of supervising a demonstration against Zwarte Piet in the Frisian town of Dokkum ran into the hundreds of euros.

Dutch internet providers told to make speed estimates more realistic

THE NETHERLANDS. Internet providers in the Netherlands have been told they must be more accurate about the speed of internet connections they are selling from January 1 next year.

Groningen fraternity member gets community service for initiation ritual violence

THE NETHERLANDS. A 24-year-old member of an undergraduate society in Groningen has been given 240 hours community service for his role in an initiation ceremony that left a fellow student with a serious head injury.

Amsterdam wins race to host the European Medicines Agency

THE NETHERLANDS. Amsterdam has succeeded in its bid to host the European Medicines Agency when the organisation leaves London following Brexit.  

English proficiency test puts Dutch first, but is it true? The Volkskrant has doubts

THE NETHERLANDS. Are the Dutch the European champions when it comes to proficiency in English? The Dutch have come first for the second year running in the English Proficiency Index (EPI), a survey by language course provider Education First (EF). The Volkskrant had its doubts and thought it was time to take a closer look.

Russia is trying to influence Dutch public opinion with fake news: minister

THE NETHERLANDS. The Russian security services are trying to influence public opinion in the Netherlands by spreading fake news, home affairs minister Kasja Ollongren has said in a briefing to MPs.

Omtzigt faces calls to quit over ‘fake witness’ who spoke at MH17 meeting

THE NETHERLANDS. Christian Democrat MP Pieter Omtzigt has come under fire over claims that he helped a fake witness to the MH17 disaster over Ukraine infiltrate a briefing attended by victims’ relatives.

Dutch councils queue up for regulated marijuana project

THE NETHERLANDS. So far 25 of the Netherlands’ 380 local authorities have come forward to say they wish to take part in trials to regulate marijuana production, broadcaster NOS said on Tuesday.

The Netherlands most common couple – two people with degrees

THE NETHERLANDS. Dutch couples are now more likely to be made up of two people with a college or university degree, as women overtake men in the graduate stakes, according to new research from national statistics office CBS.

Amnesty report slams inhuman conditions at Dutch jail terrorist units

THE NETHERLANDS. Conditions in the Netherlands’ high security terrorist TA units at two jails are inhuman and violate human rights, Amnesty International and the Open Society Justice Initiative said in a joint report on Tuesday.

New cabinet will ignore Big Brother law referendum result: CDA leader

THE NETHERLANDS. The new government will ignore the results of a referendum on a new law giving greater powers to the security services to tap phone and internet connections, CDA leader Sybrand Buma said at the weekened.

Geert Wilders’ appeal against inciting discrimination starts at high security court

THE NETHERLANDS. Geert Wilders’ appeal against his conviction for inciting discrimination kicks off at the high security court at Schiphol airport on Tuesday with a pre-trial hearing.

300,000 back bid for referendum on Big Brother phone tap law

THE NETHERLANDS. Over 300,000 people have signed a petition calling for a referendum on the new Dutch law on telephone tapping, described by its opponents as a charter for Big Brother.

One day to go, and leaks about the new cabinet’s plans keep on coming

THE NETHERLANDS. One day before the official presentation of the new government’s plans, the Dutch newspapers are again full of leaks about elements of the coalition agreement.

New coalition plans income tax overhaul, boost to middle incomes

THE NETHERLANDS. The new coalition plans to shake up the income tax system by cutting the number of tax bands to two from 2019, according to broadcaster NOS.

Primary school teachers press ahead with strike, plan more action

THE NETHERLANDS. Dutch primary school teachers are pressing ahead with Thursday’s planned strike, despite the government’s commitment to spending an extra €250m on boosting salaries and reducing the pressure of work.

Dutch lorry firm stops UK trips due to refugee smuggling attempts

THE NETHERLANDS. Dutch firm Reining Transport has announced it is stopping deliveries to the U.K. as it cannot guarantee driver safety if refugees try to board at Calais.

‘A political earth tremor’: Dutch media on Germany’s elections

THE NETHERLANDS. After their largely low-key coverage of Germany’s Parliamentary elections in recent weeks, the Dutch media woke up to the news that the anti-immigrant right-wing party Alternative für Deutschland had won seats in the Bundestag for the first time by claiming 12.6% of the popular vote.

Over 40% of work-related illness is due to stress or burn-out

THE NETHERLANDS. Some 40% of people who have job-related health issues are either over-stressed or suffering from a burn-out, according to new figures from the national work-related disease register, compiled by the AMC teaching hospital in Amsterdam.

Budget carrier passenger numbers double in seven years, says CBS

THE NETHERLANDS. The number of people flying on budget airlines has more than doubled over the past seven years, the national statistics office CBS said on Monday.

The Netherlands has more millionaires, and one in five is a farmer

THE NETHERLANDS. A new report by the national statistics office CBS sheds light on the lives of Dutch millionaires, who now account for 1.4% of the population but control 44% of the wealth.

Dutch king to visit hurricane-hit Sint Maarten as relief effort picks up steam

THE NETHERLANDS. King Willem-Alexander will visit the hurricane-hit Caribbean island of Sint Maarten on Monday as part of a short visit to meet locals and assess the relief effort.

Unions and employers fail to reach deal on Dutch labour market reforms

THE NETHERLANDS. Unions and employers have failed to reach agreement on changes to redundancy law and the pension system, dashing hopes that the new coalition government will have substantial reforms in the bag.

Permanent residency permit? Then you need to take more tests, immigrants told

THE NETHERLANDS. Immigrants who have already passed the state exams (staatsexamen) to qualify for a residency permit are being asked to take more tests when applying for a permanent licence to stay in the Netherlands, the Volkskrant said on Monday.

Big Dutch banks, brewers and housing corporations have cannabis cafe interests

THE NETHERLANDS. The four biggest Dutch banks – Rabobank, ING, ABN Amro and the Volksbank (formerly SNS) – have lent cannabis cafe owners some €1.1bn using 170 coffee shops as security, the Financieele Dagblad said on Wednesday.

Dutch food producers agree to stop adding sugar to jars of vegetables

THE NETHERLANDS. Food producers have reached agreement with supermarkets to stop putting sugar in jars of summer vegetables from next year, following pressure from consumer groups.

Off their trolleys? Schiphol brings in ‘light luggage’ queues to speed up security

THE NETHERLANDS. Schiphol airport is to introduce ‘no trolley’ queues at its security gates this summer in a bid to bring down waiting times.

Judges throw out student fraud cases because of unauthorised inspectors

THE NETHERLANDS. At least 200 students who were suspected of claiming too much student funding will not have to pay back the extra money because of an administrative error.

Dutch tv team which traces missing people is kidnapped in Colombia

THE NETHERLANDS. A team from a Dutch television show which tracks down missing people has reportedly been kidnapped in Colombia.

Pressure mounts on reluctant Labour to join Dutch coalition talks

THE NETHERLANDS. Labour party leader Lodewijk Asscher is coming under increasing pressure to get involved in the ongoing coalition talks but has again said that the party ‘is not available’ to join in.

Prime minister ‘very disappointed’ at collapse of talks with GroenLinks

THE NETHERLANDS. Prime minister Mark Rutte told reporters on Tuesday he is ‘very disappointed’ at the failure of talks to form a new government between his party, the Christian Democrats, D66 and GroenLinks.

New attempt to involve GroenLinks in Dutch coalition government fails

THE NETHERLANDS. Talks on forming a new coalition government in the Netherlands collapsed again on Monday evening, when chief negotiator Herman Tjeenk Willink said the four parties involved ­­­­­­­had decided not to pursue the alliance.

Many freelancers don’t pay any income tax at all: Volkskrant

THE NETHERLANDS. A large proportion of the Netherlands’ growing pool of freelancers and self-employed workers don’t pay any tax on their income, because of tax breaks, the Volkskrant said at the weekend.

Dutch coalition talks to resume, negotiator meets potential fourth partners

THE NETHERLANDS. Formal talks on forming a new Dutch coalition government will resume on Tuesday after the holiday weekend, and chief negotiator Herman Tjeenk Willink is expected to kick off by meeting the leaders of GroenLinks and ChristenUnie, RTL news reported.

Edith Schippers hands over cabinet talks to new chief negotiator

THE NETHERLANDS. Efforts to form a new Dutch cabinet took a new turn on Monday when Edith Schippers, who has led the talks so far, said she wanted to hand the job over to a new negotiator.

Cyclist Tom Dumoulin is first Dutchman to win Giro D’Italia

THE NETHERLANDS/MAASTRICHT. Former Maastricht university student Tom Dumoulin has won the 100th Giro d’Italia in Milan – becoming the first Dutchman ever to win the round Italy cycle race.

Dutch coalition talks reach stalemate as D66 picks up some of the blame

THE NETHERLANDS. Cabinet negotiator Edith Schippers has to go back to the drawing board in her efforts to form a stable coalition government after a second effort failed to win enough support.

Coalition with ChristenUnie is the only option, chief negotiator says

THE NETHERLANDS. MPs from the Liberal democratic party D66 and the minor Christian party ChristenUnie will meet on Tuesday to discuss forming a coalition with the ruling VVD and the Christian Democrats.

Big investors oppose Dutch minister’s 12-month ‘time out’ ahead of a takeover

THE NETHERLANDS. Large investors are rejecting the Dutch caretaker government’s proposal to allow a one-year ‘time out’ period before a takeover is completed.

Party leaders to meet to discuss next steps after Dutch coalition talks flop

THE NETHERLANDS. MPs from all parties will meet parliamentary chairwoman Khadija Arib on Tuesday afternoon to discuss the next stage in the cabinet coalition process, following the collapse of talks on Monday evening.

Dutch ministers vote for two-year ban on lobbying their own ministry

THE NETHERLANDS. The caretaker Dutch cabinet has approved new rules to try to stop former ministers taking up new jobs as lobbyists in a similar field.

Don’t pose for selfies on railway tracks, Dutch rail operator urges

THE NETHERLANDS. Dutch rail company ProRail has launched an urgent appeal to people not to take selfies of themselves posing on or next to railway tracks.

Government awards €113m in subsidies for scientific research

THE NETHERLANDS. Six teams of scientists have been awarded a total of €112.8 million to carry out research into a range of disciplines from quantum computers to ancient Greek and Roman history.

Rabobank posts security guards at ATMs to curb use of explosives

THE NETHERLANDS. Rabobank is posting security guards near some of their ATMs at night to protect them from aggressive thieves who use explosives to break them open. The bank said 79 ATMs were hit by explosives last year, Algemeen Dagblad reported on Wednesday.

Schippers under fire for plan to let police grab medical DNA records

THE NETHERLANDS. Privacy campaigners have attacked departing health minister Edith Schippers for reviving a plan to use DNA samples taken by medical staff in criminal investigations.

Students claim breakthrough with biodegradable car

THE NETHERLANDS. A team of students at Eindhoven’s Technical University have built the world’s first fully biodegradable car using flax fibres.

More students are not paying back their loans

THE NETHERLANDS. Almost 100,000 former students failed to pay back their student loans within the allotted 15 years, according to preliminary figures from the education ministry’s payment agency DUO.

Dijsselbloem stands by controversial ‘drink and women’ comments

THE NETHERLANDS. Caretaker finance minister and Eurogroup chief Jeroen Dijsselbloem has refused to apologise for his ‘drink and women’ comments that prompted angry calls for his resignation.

Illiteracy costs Dutch society €1bn a year, 2.5 million can’t read or write well

THE NETHERLANDS. There are 2.5 million people in the Netherlands who cannot read or write well and together they cost society €1bn a year, according to pro-literacy foundation Stichting Lezen & Schrijven.

COC calls for action against rising tide of homophobic attacks

THE NETHERLANDS. The leading gay rights organisation in the Netherlands has called for the next government to take action against the rising frequency of homophobic attacks.

Dutch amusement parks, museums to ban smoking while you wait

THE NETHERLANDS. In total, 21 Dutch tourist attractions and amusement parks are to ban visitors from smoking while they queue up, Dutch media reported on Tuesday.

Schippers ‘to stay on to lead coalition talks’

THE NETHERLANDS. Departing health minister Edith Schippers is set to continue in her role co-ordinating talks to form a new Dutch government, sources have told the Telegraaf.

Discrimination complaints soar, people ‘unaware’ of stereotype impact

THE NETHERLANDS. The Dutch human rights council College voor de Rechten van de Mens received 3,143 complaints about discrimination last year, a rise of almost 1,000 on 2015
Rutte seeks ‘stable’ coalition of four parties for next cabinet

Rutte seeks ‘stable’ coalition of four parties for next cabinet

THE NETHERLANDS. Prime minister Mark Rutte is looking to put together a ‘stable’ coalition of four parties following last week’s election.

VVD wins 33 seats but coalition partner Labour is hammered

THE NETHERLANDS. Prime minister Mark Rutte claimed victory in the Dutch general election on Wednesday night and with 93% of the votes counted, is set to win 33 seats in the 150 seat lower house of parliament.

General election 2017: The Netherlands goes to the polls as Europe watches

THE NETHERLANDS. The Netherlands goes to the polls on Wednesday to elect 150 members for the lower house of parliament and a new government.

Turkey suspends high level contacts with the Netherlands as dispute escalates

THE NETHERLANDS. Turkey has suspended high level contacts with the Netherlands as the diplomatic row between the two countries continues to escalate.

Dutch diplomatic row with Turkey simmers

THE NETHERLANDS. The war of words between the Netherlands and Turkey has deepened as Turkish president Recep Tayyip Erdogan called on the international community to impose sanctions on the Netherlands.

Afghan, Iranian children lead the pack, says study of 1990s refugee wave

THE NETHERLANDS. Children among the 96,000 refugees who came to the Netherlands from Afghanistan, Somalia, Iraq, Iran and the former Yugoslavia in the 1990s are well integrated into Dutch society, according to a justice ministry report.

Election steps up a gear as Rutte joins rivals in TV debate

THE NETHERLANDS. Prime minister Mark Rutte entered the debating arena for the first time in the election campaign as eight party leaders went head-to-head in Amsterdam’s Carré Theatre.

Beer price in Dutch cafes nears €2.50

THE NETHERLANDS. The average price for a glass of beer in a Dutch café or bar is approaching €2.50 a glass, the national statistics office CBS said on Tuesday.

Consumers more confident on economy

THE NETHERLANDS. The Dutch consumer confidence index hit a 9.5 year high in February, rising 1 point on January’s total to +14. Consumers being more positive about the economy in general and are therefore more likely to spend money, national statistics office CBS said on Monday.

Fury as public transport smart card firm makes €55m in profit

THE NETHERLANDS. The company behind the Dutch public transport smart card has made €55m profit on the plastic cards in five years, the AD said on Tuesday.

Health cover pushes Netherlands to top of European insurance league

THE NETHERLANDS. Dutch residents spend more on insurance than any other EU citizens – but only because their healthcare is funded by compulsory private cover.

Dutch air and water quality need improvement, EU report shows

THE NETHERLANDS. The main challenges facing the Netherlands in implementing EU environmental standards concern air and water quality, according to a new report by the European Commission.

Climate change watchdog to be based in Netherlands

THE NETHERLANDS. The institution that will check whether countries are sticking to the promises made in the Paris climate agreement is to be based in the Netherlands.

University students more likely to opt for applied sciences

THE NETHERLANDS. Students at Dutch universities are increasingly opting for applied sciences, with technical subjects, natural sciences and agriculture the fastest growing sectors in the last five years.

Iranian families, students hit by US entry ban are waiting at Schiphol

THE NETHERLANDS. Dutch airline KLM on Sunday again refused to fly passengers from seven Muslim countries who were heading for the US because of US president Donald Trump’s entry ban.

Integration process new style a flop, says audit office

THE NETHERLANDS. The number of people passing the compulsory integration test within three years has plunged by 50% since new rules were introduced in 2013, the national audit office said in a damning report on Tuesday.

One in five doctors gives drugs away to poor patients: research

THE NETHERLANDS. One in five family doctors has given medicine away to people who are unable to afford it, the AD said on Monday.

‘Pure’ web shops outpace those with physical presence

THE NETHERLANDS. Sales at internet web shops without the backing of a brick and mortar presence are growing at a faster clip than web shops which have a physical presence, according to the government statistics office CBS.

The Netherlands joins battle for European medicines agency EMA

THE NETHERLANDS. The Netherlands has decided to join the race to attract the European medicines agency EMA, which will leave London after Britain quits the EU.

First Dutch test of ankle bracelet to check drinking bans

THE NETHERLANDS. An ankle bracelet designed to enforce drinking bans imposed by the courts is being tried out in the Netherlands from Monday.

Most PVV parliamentary candidates have another political job

THE NETHERLANDS. Nearly all the 50 parliamentary hopefuls on the PVV’s election list have another political job, according to research by the Volkskrant.

Pressure mounts on university lecturers as student numbers rise

THE NETHERLANDS. Almost seven in 10 university academic staff say they have to work under a lot of pressure and 70% do at least six hours overtime a week, according to a survey by trade union federation FNV.

Eating out is in as young generation embraces conspicuous consumption

THE NETHERLANDS. Dining out is the latest word in conspicuous consumption, according to a survey that shows spending in cafes and restaurants increased by 4.5% in 2016.

Dutch overestimate size of the Netherlands’ Muslim population

THE NETHERLANDS. Members of the public in the Netherlands and other European states widely overestimate the size of their Muslim populations, according to an Ipsos Mori poll.

Congestion and delays as commuters adjust to new train timetable

THE NETHERLANDS. Rail passengers are getting used to the most wide-ranging overhaul of the national train timetable in nearly 10 years, with 98% of commuters facing a change to their routine.

Dutch to ban cyclists from using mobile phones, apart from hands-free

THE NETHERLANDS. Transport minister Melanie Schultz is to introduce new legislation banning cyclists from using their mobile phones unless they telephone hands-free and using headphones.

Access to wireless internet is a basic necessity: Dutch minister

THE NETHERLANDS. Access to wireless internet is a basic necessity for everyone in the Netherlands, according to Dutch economic affairs minister Henk Kamp.

Ministers want more controls on foreign funding of foundations

THE NETHERLANDS. The cabinet wants to bring in new rules about foreign finance for foundations, following concerns about the source of some cash sent to mosques and other Islamic institutions.

Dutch prime minister says migrant boats should be sent back to Africa

THE NETHERLANDS. Prime minister Mark Rutte has called for migrant boats intercepted off the coast of Italy to be towed back to safe countries in northern Africa.

Dutch foreign minister ‘will argue’ for a freeze on accession talks with Turkey

THE NETHERLANDS. Dutch foreign minister Bert Koenders has told parliament he is prepared to argue in favour of temporarily suspending talks with Turkey about EU membership following pressure from MPs.

More threats and violence directed at local politicians due to refugee controversies

THE NETHERLANDS. There has been a ‘worrying’ increase in threats and violence directed at local politicians, home affairs minister Ronald Plasterk has told parliament.

Council of Europe warns Dutch about counter-terrorism plans

THE NETHERLANDS. The Council of Europe is concerned about Dutch draft legislation to stop people traveling to join jihadi movements in Syria and has asked the government to explain its proposals, the NRC said on Tuesday.

The Netherlands is about to become 10 hectares bigger

THE NETHERLANDS. The Netherlands and Belgium will today sign a formal treaty swapping pieces of land along their border at the Maas river.

Foreign students generate billions of euros for the Dutch economy

THE NETHERLANDS. International students who stay in the Netherlands after completing their studies generate some €1.6bn for the treasury every year, according to research by EP-Nuffic.

Pay gap continues to close, young women earn more than men

THE NETHERLANDS. The pay gap between men and women is closing and young women are actually overtaking men in some sectors, the national statistics office CBS said on Wednesday.

Wilders to address ‘fewer Moroccans’ trial later this week

THE NETHERLANDS. Freedom Party (PVV) leader Geert Wilders has said he will attend court for the first time later this week to defend himself against charges of inciting hatred against Moroccans.

Srebrenica: did the UN tell Dutch troops there would be no air support?

THE NETHERLANDS. New research into the Srebrenica massacre in 1995 is likely to cast fresh doubt on whether the Dutch troops guarding the safe area were given adequate cover by the UN.

More dead birds confirmed to have infectious avian flu

THE NETHERLANDS. More dead birds have been found in the Netherlands which were killed by the highly infectious avian flu variant H5N8, the food and product safety board said on Wednesday.

Britain can’t leave EU customs union and trade freely: Dutch finance minister

THE NETHERLANDS. Dutch finance minister Jeroen Dijsselbloem has told the BBC that it would be ‘impossible’ for Britain to leave the EU customs union and keep trading freely with Europe.

‘More money needed for cultural sector freelancers’

THE NETHERLANDS. Culture subsidies must be raised if cultural institutions are to pay actors, musicians and other self-employed artists a proper wage, according to Joop Daalmeijer who is stepping down as chairman of the Council for Culture this week.

Nearly 200 arrested in anti-Piet protest, no trouble at Sinterklaas arrival

THE NETHERLANDS. Sinterklaas parades took place all over the Netherlands at the weekend following the official ‘arrival’ of the saint in Maassluis on Saturday, three weeks ahead of the December 5 festivities.

What does Donald Trump’s presidential win mean for the Netherlands?

THE NETHERLANDS. While Dutch politicians and commentators reacted cautiously to Donald Trump’s win in the US presidential race, many of them saw parallels to the situation in the Netherlands, where voters are deserting traditional parties and putting their faith in populist candidates.

Trump will be ‘judged by his deeds’, says Dutch foreign minister

THE NETHERLANDS. Dutch foreign minister Bert Koenders has issued the first Dutch government reaction to Donald Trump’s victory in the US presidential election, by saying he will be judged by his actions.

Schiphol experiments with new scanner to speed up security checks

THE NETHERLANDS. Amsterdam’s Schiphol airport has begun testing a new form of security scanner which removes the need for passengers to take liquids and laptops out of their luggage.

Labour party leadership contest between two hopefuls: Samsom and Asscher

THE NETHERLANDS. Labour MP Jacques Monasch has accused the party of stopping him from contesting the party leadership because he disagrees with the rules agreed for the vote.

Wadden Sea tops most beautiful Dutch nature reserve poll

THE NETHERLANDS. The Wadden nature reserve is the most beautiful nature reserve in the Netherlands, broadcaster NOS  reports.

Government agencies to stop using ‘allochtoon’ to describe immigrants

THE NETHERLANDS. Two major government-funded agencies are to stop using the word allochtoon to describe people with ‘alien’ origins with immediate effect, the Volkskrant said on Tuesday.

Minister puts €87m in extra cash into eradicating inequality in education

THE NETHERLANDS. Education minister Jet Bussemaker has earmarked an extra €87m over three years to be spent on reducing inequality in education.

Controversial ‘tick’ food label to be replaced by an app

THE NETHERLANDS. The blue and green ticks on food labels are to be replaced by a smart phone app, allowing consumers to access personalised information about products they are thinking of buying, health minister Edith Schippers has told MPs.

Anti-gay leaflets spread around Amsterdam

THE NETHERLANDS. Police in Amsterdam say they have received over 20 complaints about an anti-gay leaflet which has been distributed door to door in western parts of the city.

Recorded crime drops by 25% in nine years; all types show a decline

THE NETHERLANDS. There has been a 25% drop in the number of recorded crimes over the past nine years, national statistics office CBS said on Monday.

Ministers back assisted suicide for people who feel their life has been completed

THE NETHERLANDS. People who feel their ‘life has been completed’ should get the legal right to die with the help of a specialist care worker, health minister Edith Schippers and justice minister Ard van de Steur have told MPs in a briefing.

Finance ministry takes back control of the tax office

THE NETHERLANDS. Junior finance minister Eric Wiebes has placed the tax office under direct ministerial control and plans to replace the organisation’s board with a senior civil servant reporting directly to him.

Amsterdam professor is most influential Dutch woman in latest Opzij ranking

THE NETHERLANDS. Jose van Dijck, an Amsterdam University professor and head of the Dutch scientific academy KNAW, has been chosen as most influential woman of 2016 by feminist magazine Opzij.

Commuters hit by changes to off-peak travel rules

THE NETHERLANDS. Rail users have been hit by changes to the rules for using the NS off-peak discount card that prevent them splitting their journey between full-price and discounted travel.
Nobel chemistry prize sparks delight from mini-motor maker

Nobel chemistry prize sparks delight from mini-motor maker

THE NETHERLANDS. Sparks of delight flew as Dutch scientist Ben Feringa jointly won the Nobel Prize in Chemistry on Wednesday for his work in creating miniscule motors.

Criminal investigation into Vindicat initiation rite

THE NETHERLANDS. A criminal investigation has begun into an initiation rite at Groningen student university society Vindicat that left a young man in hospital with a severe head injury, reports the Volkskrant.

Three Amsterdam students hospitalised after initiation rituals

THE NETHERLANDS. Three first year students in Amsterdam were hospitalised last month after taking part in initiation rituals to join a student society, broadcaster NOS reports.

Police chief: ethnic profiling in stop-checks ‘undermines trust’

THE NETHERLANDS. More than half of people stopped during police roadside checks have an ethnic minority background, a new study has found.

Dutch more positive about EU, just one in five back a Nexit

THE NETHERLANDS.The Dutch have become more positive about the European Union, with 46% now thinking membership is ‘a good thing’, according to new research by the government’s social policy advisory unit SCP.

Groningen student hospitalised after being hit during initiation ritual

THE NETHERLANDS. A first year student at Groningen University was hospitalised after he was hit on the head during an initiation ritual last month and developed a cerebral oedema, the NRC said on Wednesday.

DSW sets the pace with health premium price rise of nearly 10%

THE NETHERLANDS. Health insurance company DSW, traditionally the first to announce the price of a basic policy for the following year, is to raise its premiums by €110 in 2017, or around 10%.

Train conductors suspend ticket checks to protest staff reduction plan

THE NETHERLANDS. Some train conductors are refusing to check tickets on Monday in protest at plans to cut the number of staff on double-decker trains.

Crowds gather in The Hague ahead of the annual budget presentation

THE NETHERLANDS. Royalty fans are lining the streets of The Hague on Tuesday morning, hoping to get a good view of the king and queen as they travel by horse-drawn coach to officially open the parliamentary year.

Dutch Paralympic team win 62 medals

THE NETHERLANDS. The Dutch Paralympic team is returning home from the Rio games after finishing in seventh place in the medals table, with 62 medals including 17 golds.

Petten reactor is safe, says minister, but inspectors will talk to staff

THE NETHERLANDS. Environment ministry inspectors are to hold meetings with people working at the Putten nuclear reactor after whistleblowers raised fears that spending cuts were compromising safety.

Young adults more likely to be financially dependent: CBS

THE NETHERLANDS. Young people are ever more likely to be financially dependent on others, reports Trouw on Friday.

Technology universities ‘unable to take in more students’ without extra funding

THE NETHERLANDS. The Netherlands’ universities of technology have warned they may have to restrict new admissions to their current level unless the government increases its funding.

Brexit may cost Dutch taxpayers €750m in extra EU contributions

THE NETHERLANDS. Britain’s departure from the European Union may cost the Netherlands hundreds of millions of euros in extra EU contributions, according to broadcaster NOS.

EasyJet pilots strike in Amsterdam, but most flights unaffected

THE NETHERLANDS. EasyJet pilots who are based at Amsterdam’s Schiphol airport went on strike on Tuesday in support of their demands for better working conditions.

Amsterdam university’s supervisory board resigns amid disagreements

THE NETHERLANDS. All the members of Amsterdam university’s supervisory board resigned on Friday, blaming the difficult working relationship between the representative advisory bodies and the supervisory board.

Dutch students speed up their studies and are less likely to drop out

THE NETHERLANDS. Almost seven in 10 Dutch students now pass a bachelor’s degree within four years, compared with just 56% four years ago, according to new figures from the university association VSNU.

Support for anti-Islam PVV continues to fall, poll of poll shows

THE NETHERLANDS. The anti-immigration PVV remains the biggest party in the latest Peilingwijzer poll of polls but its support is down 3.3%, or five seats, on its January record high.

Utrecht students say ‘dare to be grey’ to combat extremism

THE NETHERLANDS. A group of students from Utrecht University are through to the last six of an international competition launched by the US government and Facebook to counteract extremism.

‘Legal cannabis cultivation would boost human rights’ – study

THE NETHERLANDS. Legalising cannabis production would have benefits for public health and human rights, according to a study commissioned by Dutch local authorities.

Freelancers less likely to suffer from burnout; are happier at work

THE NETHERLANDS. Freelancers are less likely to suffer from burnouts than people who work for a boss, even though they often do physically more difficult work, according to a new report by the national statistics office CBS and TNO research institute.

Billions of euros needed to boost mobility, government is told

THE NETHERLANDS. Billions of euros needs investing in Dutch roads and transport to stop the Netherlands grinding to a halt, the government was told on Monday.

Eleven percent more students apply for Dutch university

THE NETHERLANDS. Applications to Dutch universities for the year starting in September have risen by 11%, according to new figures from the VSNU higher education body.

Council scheme exposed jobless to toxic paint, almost 600 affected

THE NETHERLANDS. Almost 600 jobless people from Tilburg who worked for the city council’s reintegration company removing paint from old trains may have been exposed to the toxin Chromium 6, Dutch media said on Tuesday.

Dutch innovation policy scattered between valleys, deltas and campuses

THE NETHERLANDS. There are over 220 different initiatives under way to put either the Netherlands or a specific region on the map as an innovation hot spot, the Financieele Dagblad said on Monday.

Fewer students from poor homes since Dutch scrapped grants

THE NETHERLANDS. Fewer students from poorer homes have started university and college degrees since grants were abolished last year, according to education ministry figures.

Dutch MPs want to scrap law banning insults to a ‘friendly head of state’

THE NETHERLANDS. MPs from the two Dutch liberal parties VVD and D66 have called on the government to scrap a law making it a criminal offence to insult a ‘friendly’ head of state, broadcaster Nos reported at the weekend.
Travel firms to brief holidaymakers on their trip’s environmental footprint

Travel firms to brief holidaymakers on their trip’s environmental footprint

THE NETHERLANDS. Dutch travel firms are to start informing holidaymakers how much environmental damage their trip is doing by listing ‘holiday footprints’ in brochures and on websites, travel sector organisation ANVR says in Tuesday’s Volkskrant.

ABN Amro helps clients hide assets in tax havens, Dutch media claim

THE NETHERLANDS. ABN Amro is helping clients keep their assets hidden in tax havens via nominee shareholdership schemes, the Financieele Dagblad and Trouw say on Monday.

Ukraine referendum not about Europe, just over half of voters say

THE NETHERLANDS. Almost half of Dutch voters are convinced the EU’s treaty of association with Ukraine paves the way for membership of the European Union, according to an Ipsos poll on Tuesday.

Security stepped up across the Netherlands following Brussels explosions

THE NETHERLANDS. Security has been stepped up at Dutch airports following the bomb blasts in Brussels on Tuesday which killed several people, Dutch counter-terrorism chief Dick Schoof has said.

17 millionth Dutch resident likely to be a migrant

THE NETHERLANDS. The Netherlands welcomed its 17 millionth inhabitant on Monday and for the first time the new arrival is more likely to be an immigrant than a baby, according to the government statistics service CBS.
Uber paid €450,000 in Dutch fines last year

Uber paid €450,000 in Dutch fines last year

THE NETHERLANDS. Online taxi platform Uber paid a total of €450,000 in fines last year for breaking taxi regulations with its Uberpop service.

‘No’ vote makes gains ahead of Dutch Ukraine referendum

THE NETHERLANDS. Some 57% of the Dutch who are planning to vote on next month’s referendum on the EU’s treaty with Ukraine will vote ‘no’, according to a poll of 2,500 people for the Volkskrant.

Cabinet ‘failing to close gap’ between full-time and flexible workers

THE NETHERLANDS. Nearly three-quarters of people on temporary contracts would prefer a full-time job, but barely a quarter of self-employed workers feel the same, according to a survey by Maurice de Hond reported in the Telegraaf.

€12m allocated to researching gender differences in healthcare

THE NETHERLANDS. The health ministry has allocated €12m to a study into how men and women with the same illness display different symptoms and respond differently to treatment.

Eight Dutch jihadis executed after dispute with IS: report

THE NETHERLANDS. A Syrian activist group is reporting that eight Dutch jihadis have been executed after 60 were taken prisoner following a dispute with IS forces in the city of Raqqa.

NS set to sell off sidelines and focus on running trains

THE NETHERLANDS. State-owned train operator NS plans to sell off its station shops and local bus services to concentrate on its core business of running main line trains, the Telegraaf reports.

Man jailed for killing neighbour during suicide attempt

MAASTRICHT. A man who tried to gas himself, only to kill his upstairs neighbour instead, has been jailed for 10 years by judges in Maastricht.
Dutch taxpayers’ cash funds toilet paper printed with anti-Ukraine in EU info

Dutch taxpayers’ cash funds toilet paper printed with anti-Ukraine in EU info

THE NETHERLANDS. Almost €50,000 of Dutch taxpayers’ money is to be given to a private company which plans to make and distribute toilet rolls printed with arguments against the EU’s treaty with Ukraine.
Smoking costs Dutch society up to €43bn a year: report

Smoking costs Dutch society up to €43bn a year: report

THE NETHERLANDS. Smoking costs Dutch society between €21bn and €43bn a year, or €2,000 per head of the population, a report by the SEO economic research institute has concluded.
Dutch police are training eagles to take out drones

Dutch police are training eagles to take out drones

THE NETHERLANDS. Dutch police are involved in training birds of prey to take out drones flown by criminals and terrorists.

Support grows for Ukraine referendum yes campaigners

THE NETHERLANDS. The number of people intending to vote ‘yes’ in April’s referendum on the EU treaty with Ukraine has risen from 38% to 44.5%, according to a new opinion poll.
Dutch police may soon patrol public spaces with submachine guns

Dutch police may soon patrol public spaces with submachine guns

THE NETHERLANDS. Heavily armed police will soon be able to patrol Dutch shopping centres, railway stations and other busy public places, the AD said on Tuesday.

Advisory group drops plea to start English lessons at four

THE NETHERLANDS. A government advisory body on education has backtracked on its initial report which said children should start learning English as soon as they begin at a Dutch primary school at the age of four.
Rabobank ordered to compensate phishing victims

Rabobank ordered to compensate phishing victims

THE NETHERLANDS. Rabobank has been ordered to compensate two customers who lost their savings in separate phone scams in 2013.

Human traffickers operate near refugee centres, target young girls

THE NETHERLANDS. There are clear signs that human traffickers are active close to refugee centres in the Netherlands and attempting to recruit young women as prostitutes, the Volkskrant said at the weekend.
Four MPs target parliamentary chairman’s job

Four MPs target parliamentary chairman’s job

THE NETHERLANDS. Four MPs are hoping to become the lower house of parliament’s new chairman in Wednesday’s vote: Ton Elias of the ruling VVD; Martin Bosma (PVV), Khadija Arib (PvdA) and Madeleine van Toorenburg (CDA).
‘No’ vote in Dutch Ukraine referendum could lead to crisis: Juncker

‘No’ vote in Dutch Ukraine referendum could lead to crisis: Juncker

THE NETHERLANDS. A no vote in the Dutch referendum on a key treaty between Ukraine and the EU could lead the way to a ‘major continental crisis’, European Commission chairman Jean-Claude Juncker has told the NRC.

Maastricht firework attack suspects will get compensation

THE NETHERLANDS. Two people from Maastricht, arrested on New Year’s Eve in connection with an alleged plot to launch a terror attack in Rotterdam during the official fireworks display, are to receive compensation, the public prosecution department has said.

Ministers consider merging state job centres and social insurance bank

THE NETHERLANDS. The cabinet is looking into merging the state job centre UVW with the social insurance bank SVB as an efficiency measure, Trouw reports on Monday.
Housing corporations sound alarm over ‘care in the community’

Housing corporations sound alarm over ‘care in the community’

THE NETHERLANDS. One in three housing corporations say they are experiencing more problems with difficult or troubled tenants since the government began decentralising mental health services and encouraging ‘care in the community’.

MPs call for flexible approach to funding degrees

THE NETHERLANDS. MPs from the ruling VVD and Labour coalition say students should be allowed to pay tuition fees for their university or college degree on a subject-by-subject basis.
Truffle pasta with 0.0006 truffle nominated for food con of the year

Truffle pasta with 0.0006 truffle nominated for food con of the year

THE NETHERLANDS. Aldi’s ‘richly filled” truffle pasta containing 0.0006% truffle and orange juice that has been made less sweet by adding water are just two of this year’s nominations for misleading food product of the year.
Youngsters more likely to earn minimum wage

Youngsters more likely to earn minimum wage

THE NETHERLANDS. At least 80% of Dutch workers earn more than the minimum wage but the under-23s are more likely to work for rock-bottom rates, according to new figures from the national statistics office CBS.
100,000 bikes in Dutch council depots are never reclaimed

100,000 bikes in Dutch council depots are never reclaimed

THE NETHERLANDS. Of the 161,000 bikes confiscated by officials in the Netherlands’ biggest 20 cities last year, over 100,000 were never picked up by their owners, the AD said on Tuesday.
Overcrowded trains attract record number of complaints

Overcrowded trains attract record number of complaints

THE NETHERLANDS. Record numbers of rail travellers have complained about overcrowded trains in the past month, passengers’ organisation Rover said.
More children live in families which rely on welfare benefits

More children live in families which rely on welfare benefits

THE NETHERLANDS. The number of children growing up in families which rely on welfare benefits (bijstand) rose to 223,000 last year, according to the national statistics office CBS.
Shut all Dutch coal-fired power stations, say professors

Shut all Dutch coal-fired power stations, say professors

THE NETHERLANDS. The Netherlands should close down all 11 coal-fired power stations in a clear signal of commitment to combating climate change, 64 professors - six from University Maastricht - say in an open letter in Monday’s Trouw.

A record 90,000 foreign students are studying in the Netherlands

THE NETHERLANDS. Almost 90,000 foreign students are studying in the Netherlands this year, of whom 23,000 come from outside Europe, according to international education body EP-Nuffic.
The Netherlands holds a minute’s silence for Paris attack victims

The Netherlands holds a minute’s silence for Paris attack victims

THE NETHERLANDS. One minute’s silence for the victims of the Paris terrorist attacks will be held across the Netherlands on Monday as part of a Europe-wide memorial for the dead.

Police investigate leak in parliament’s top security committee

THE NETHERLANDS. The police are investing a potential leak in parliament which led to secret information about national security issues being leaked to a journalist, the Telegraaf says on Tuesday.

Prime minister cuts short Japan mission for EU refugee summit

THE NETHERLANDS. Prime minister Mark Rutte is cutting short his visit to Japan as part of a trade mission to attend a European summit on the refugee crisis, the Volkskrant says on Monday.
VVD senator quits over home nursing firm bankruptcy report

VVD senator quits over home nursing firm bankruptcy report

THE NETHERLANDS. VVD senator Loek Hermans resigned on Monday after the bankruptcy of a massive home nursing group was partly blamed on his failings.
Dutch government initiates animal-free testing fund

Dutch government initiates animal-free testing fund

THE NETHERLANDS. The Dutch government wants to set up a new investment fund which will put money into developing animal-free research.
Recorded crime drops for seventh successive year

Recorded crime drops for seventh successive year

THE NETHERLANDS. Recorded crime dropped 23% in 2014, the seventh successive year to show a decrease, according to figures from the central statistics agency CBS on Monday.
Employers concerned as anti-immigration PVV rises in the polls

Employers concerned as anti-immigration PVV rises in the polls

THE NETHERLANDS. The rise of the anti-immigration PVV in the opinion polls could damage the Netherlands’ reputation abroad, employers’ chief Hans de Boer told a television current affairs show on Sunday.

Councils to get more powers to ban troublemakers

THE NETHERLANDS. Dutch local authorities are to be given more powers to ban people with a criminal background from moving to specific areas, according to draft legislation sent for review by housing minister Stef Blok on Monday.

One in five Dutch hospitals in financial trouble

THE NETHERLANDS. One in five Dutch hospitals is in serious financial trouble, according to the annual survey of hospital finances carried out by accountants group BDO.

Dutch police seize 24,000 guns in 2.5 years

THE NETHERLANDS. Dutch police have confiscated 24,000 guns and pistols over the past 2.5 years, broadcaster Nos said at the weekend.
Telegraaf publishes secret ProRail reports

Telegraaf publishes secret ProRail reports

THE NETHERLANDS. The Telegraaf newspaper on Tuesday published confidential transport ministry documents about railway operator ProRail which junior transport minister Wilma Mansveld had refused to hand over to parliament.
Over 440,000 Dutch call for referendum on Ukraine EU treaty

Over 440,000 Dutch call for referendum on Ukraine EU treaty

THE NETHERLANDS. A Dutch citizens’ initiative to force a non-binding referendum on a far-reaching treaty between Brussels and Ukraine had gathered 446,000 signatures by early Sunday evening.
‘Dutch no to Guantanamo Bay prisoners threatens relationship with US’

‘Dutch no to Guantanamo Bay prisoners threatens relationship with US’

THE NETHERLANDS. The Dutch government’s reluctance to take any prisoners from Guantanamo Bay is threatening the relationship between the Netherlands and the US, the Volkskrant reports on Tuesday.

More Dutch universities start selecting students

NETHERLANDS. Over 25% of hbo college degree courses and one in five university degrees have some form of selection, according to the latest edition of the higher education handbook Keuzegids.

Over 3,000 refugees reached the Netherlands

NETHERLANDS. An estimated 3,100 asylum seekers have arrived in the Netherlands over the past week and have reported to the registration centre in Ter Apel, a spokesman for the refugee settlement agency COA said on Sunday.
Supermarkets cutting back on fast-reared chicken

Supermarkets cutting back on fast-reared chicken

NETHERLANDS. Dutch supermarkets are stocking less fast-reared factory chicken, known as ‘plofkip’ or ‘exploding chicken’ in popular Dutch.
Dutch government to press ahead with ‘Big Brother’ legislation

Dutch government to press ahead with ‘Big Brother’ legislation

NETHERLANDS. Home affairs minister Ronald Plasterk is to press ahead with controversial ‘Big Brother’ legislation on phone and internet tapping, despite criticism from telecom firms and privacy experts.
Dutch government to appeal against climate ruling

Dutch government to appeal against climate ruling

NETHERLANDS. The Dutch government is to appeal against a landmark court ruling which ordered it to do more to reduce CO2 emissions.