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Over 46,000 students want their tuition back

THE NETHERLANDS. In light of the ongoing lockdown measures, over 46,000 students have signed a petition demanding either a full tuition refund for the current academic year or a free ride next year. The initiators of the petition will present their proposal to the House of Representatives.

Not every Master’s graduate to get a €535 rebate

THE NETHERLANDS. Students earning their Master’s degree this academic year are entitled to a €535 refund on their tuition fees. According to the Ministry of Education website, that is. But the more detailed information available from the Education Executive Agency (DUO) seems to tell a different story.

Breaking news: first-year tuition fees to be lowered to €542

THE NETHERLANDS. First-year students will pay only €542 in tuition fees for the next academic year: a quarter of the standard rate. This decision by the Ministry of Education represents almost 100 million euros.

UPDATE: Will I be getting coronavirus support, too?

THE NETHERLANDS. The outgoing cabinet has earmarked an extra 8.5 billion euros to cushion the impact of the coronavirus crisis in the educational sector. Students will be compensated, too, but some will get more than others. You can check to find out.

Coronavirus compensation: 50 percent tuition fee reduction and relief for junior researchers

THE NETHERLANDS. Students enrolled in study programmes in the past year will receive a 50 percent reduction in tuition fees for the upcoming academic year as compensation for coronavirus disruptions. The contracts of academic researchers will also be extended, and higher education will receive compensation for skyrocketing student numbers. Student ...

Unanimous support for ‘tuition-free’ extra year for students with delays: what now?

THE NETHERLANDS. Many students are falling behind in their studies due to the coronavirus crisis. The House of Representatives has just adopted a motion allowing them to enrol in an extra year of university free of charge. But it is too early to celebrate.
Six times higher tuition fees for British students

Six times higher tuition fees for British students

MAASTRICHT. British students who are studying in the Netherlands but who do not officially live here, will have to dig deep into their pockets from January. Because of Brexit they will pay the high ‘institutional tuition fee’ instead of the much lower statutory tuition fee as of 2021. Whether it will be a hard or a soft Brexit makes no ...
Science Programme tuition fees to rise substantially

Science Programme tuition fees to rise substantially

MAASTRICHT. The tuition fee for the Maastricht Science Programme (MSP) is going to increase considerably. From the next academic year, it will go from 2,143 euro (the statutory amount) to 3,545 euro per year.