New collective agreement for universities: pay increase and bonus


NETHERLANDS. University employees are to receive a 3 per cent wage increase as well as a bonus of 750 euro. That is, if the union members accept the negotiators’ agreement.

The new collective agreement will apply until 1 January 2021. The wage increase applies from 1 June. Anyone working at the university at this moment will receive a one-off payment of 750 euro gross (or a proportional share for part-timers).

The negotiators see the impact of COVID-19 for temporary staff and so have reserved some funds: 0.45 per cent of the ‘margin for wage increases’. With this, they mean 0.45 per cent of the total labour costs at universities.


“This is an exceptional agreement that expresses the solidarity and commitment with university employees on temporary contracts,” the negotiators write.

Regarding the allocation of those funds, further agreements will be made. This concerns, for example, the extension of temporary contracts for researchers, PhD candidates and lecturers, but also of support staff helping them with their duties.


It was also agreed that all universities should introduce an ombudsperson (or ombudsrole), where employees can go in case of a conflict. All universities should have implemented this in a little over a year.

It should be clear no later than 5 June whether the employers (united in VSNU) and the members of the unions (FNV, CNV Overheid, Aob, and AC/FBZ) accept the agreement.

HOP, Bas Belleman

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