Milky-white legs


After last week's intrigue with finally seeing the new 'artist's impression' of me for the first Observant column – I spent some days trying to decide whether I looked 'cool and arty' or just a little bit like the crazy psycho witch from Snow White and the Huntsman. The jury is still out.

On that note of vanity, all this sun that we have been having has certainly been very much appreciated. Having spent my summer in Scotland and Ireland where the closest thing to sunlight was the screen on my laptop, where bikinis and sandals were replaced by Uggs and Arctic jackets, a summer soon to be remembered as '2012: the year that sun forgot'.

When suddenly,  just as I was giving up, Scotland got a well-deserved blast of sunshine. The famous Edinburgh festival was significantly perked-up and the milky-white legs sun-starved tourists were out in force, soon to be turned into a sea of glowing lobster red, bald heads peeling and all. The strong smell of factor 50+ sun lotion clearly had little affect on the pale sun-worshipping Scots.

Now back in the Netherlands where each day seems to have a regular dose of summer weather, I have been enjoying sitting outside with a good book and cold glass of rose. Just hoping that my class-mates next semester don't notice that my shoulders are a nice shade of rose too....


Milky-white legs
Author: Redactie
Simone Golob

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