"I hope to get more self responsibility"


Jules Stuyt, 19, a European Studies student at the Hogeschool Zuyd from the Netherlands


Why Maastricht?  “I wanted to do European Studies. You can also do that in The Hague, but it is much better in Maastricht than there. Besides, some of my friends are studying here, too.”

What do you expect our of your time here? “I expect to live in a cultural city with nice people. I hope I will have a great time here with a lot of connections and very good studies.”

What did you do before you came here? “I just graduated from high school.”

Would you like to join a student or sports association? “Yes, I want to join the Red Socks, because I like football. I might also join a study association but I have to figure out first how much time I will have between studies, work and football.”

What do you think your group of friends will look like? International or not? “At the moment most of my friends are Dutch. But I would like to have more international friends.”

What will you miss from home? “My girlfriend!”

What will you get in return? “New friends and more self responsibility.”


Catharina Rudschies

Jules Stuyt
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Catharina Rudschies
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