Israeli Wine


This evening I was at one of my friends’ houses and we were having one of our regular ‘wine&chat’ sessions (which is usually more of a ‘wine&moan’ about [insert topic such as: studying/bureaucracy /Germans/money/bad 50cent coffee/ politics/lady gaga haters]).

With the two smokers’ heads poking half-way out of the window, desperately dragging on the remnants of the last packet of cigarettes, before switching to roll-ups – the discussion switched to the quality of the wine. Which, this time, was not the Albert Heijn 2 euro variety [insert another moan about the fact it is no-longer €1.99 but €2.19], but was a rather ‘pricey’ €5 one.

LadyGagaLover1: “Where is this wine from?”

Geek1: “Spain”

LadyGagaLover1: “I like it, it’s like ‘Hi! I’m alive!’”

Me:  “It’s just red wine. Also– wine doesn’t speak.”

LadyGagaLover1: “Yeah it does. Like, this one says ‘Hey I’m here, and I’m feisty!”

Geek1: “I want to try the other bottle… I think it’s from… [peers at label] – yep, it’s Australian”

LadyGagaLover1: “ew.”

[wine slurping]

Geek1: “hmm…. mellow” [swirls glass around in pretentious manner]

LadyGagaLover1: “I prefer the Spanish one. This one is boring. It’s like too round you know? Too perfect.”

Geek1: “There are cherries – I definitely can taste cherries…” [sniffs glass, getting wine on his nose]

Me:  [confused] “I tasted more… like… a wine-ish flavour..?”

LadyGagaLover2: “It reminds me of Israel…”

LadyGagaLover1: “Israel doesn’t have wine.”

LadyGagaLover2: “Yes it does! Just really new…”

LadyGagaLover1: “So that means it probably tastes of piss. [To Geek1] Have you ever heard of Israeli wine?”

Geek1: “Umm…”


LadyGagaLover1: “Nothing is as good as French wine”

That seemed to be pretty final, so the conversation soon trickled back onto our usual topics such as bad lasagne and annoying tutors.

Long story short: wine is full of possibility, especially when the people are full of wine.

So after this first week of classes, if you are already sick of analysing statistics/business models/European integration proposals – you know that there is one thing that you can analyse at the end of the week that doesn’t have any right answers and can drink without creating any learning goals.




Israeli Wine
Author: Redactie
Simone Golob

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