Since I started this column I have been getting many suggestions from friends about what my next one should be about. Most of my friends wanted me to write a personal column about them – but I think that might be a little boring for the greater Maastricht University public. (No offense).

Some suggested that I have a ‘Finnish student of the Week’ due to my slight obsession with Finland and meeting Finnish people. (Yes, I know it’s weird). Anyway I think the Fins might find it a little creepy. Also, I might make some of the other countries feel left out. Oh and the slight problem that I would probably run out of Fins in Maastricht to write about after around week 4.

Many of my female friends liked the idea of a ‘Sex and the City’ style column.  Except, it might have to be a bit more: ‘Sex and that rather smallish Limburg town that can’t really be counted as a City at all’.  With less of the Cosmopolitan cocktails in glamorous New York bars, and more lekkere beertjes in TakeFive.  Also, I think my ability to strut around in designer shoes is rather limited in Maastricht what with all those cobble-stones. And my lack of designer shoes.

This week I had a fantastic lecture on argumentation skills, and the lecturer (Really awesome guy, and I am clearly not looking for higher grades or anything. Clearly.)  began the lecture by saying that he didn’t know what subject to choose for his argumentation examples, because he didn’t know what would interest everyone. So he decided to choose a topic that at least one person would find interesting:


He proceeded to give a 1 hour lecture on rock guitarists.

Anyway, I am not going to write this column on Fins, or rock guitarists, or shoes – but I will take my lecturers’ lead, and choose a topic that I myself find interesting. But that will probably have to wait until next week, as I seem to have managed to fill a column with my friend’s suggestions after-all.


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Simone Golob

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