Chlebíček – Cooking the Czech Way

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In this new series students from all around the world cook their favourite recepies for Observant. First on the menu: Chlebíček - party sandwiches that are very popular in the Czech Republic.

Czech food is very greasy and tasty – real winter food! An example: “Chlebíček - party sandwiches that are very popular in the Czech Republic. People prepare them when they have people over for a visit, on New Year’s, Christmas or any type of party. But you can also get Chlebíček in bakeries, as a snack”, says Anna Lit, a second-year European Studies student from Prague. When she goes home, she always brings the herbal bitters Becherovka and some very thin, crispy Czech wafers with different stuffings back to Maastricht –nothing you would find at Albert Heijn. “I miss a lot of dishes from the Czech Republic, for example the typical dumplings and Czech bread.” Chlebíček are something Anna does not need to go to the Czech Republic for – you can get all ingredients in the Netherlands, too. How to make them?

For four hungry people you need:

  • 1-2 fresh baguettes
  • For the potato salad:  about 200 grams of mayonnaise, a kilo of potatoes, 1 glass of pickles, 4 tablespoons of mustard, 4 hardboiled eggs, 1 bin of peas and carrots , salt, pepper
  • For the toppings: some pickles, tomato and cucumber slices, cooked ham, salami, hardboiled egg s, cheese, etc. – just be creative!


  1. Cut the cooked potatoes, hardboiled eggs, pickles and carrots into small pieces, no bigger than 3cms. Mix the pieces with the peas, mayonnaise and mustard. Add salt and pepper. It is recommended to let the potato salad cool down in the fridge for a couple of hours.
  2. Slice the baguette diagonally into oval slices.
  3. Spread the potato salad thick onto the baguette slices.
  4. Arrange individual toppings on top. You can make as many variations as you like!
  5. Serve on a large serving platter.

It is a good idea to make Chlebíček together with friends as it takes quite long to finish decorating and arranging them – and you can already get yourself into a party mood while cooking. Chlebíček are perfect for long nights with friends, as a hangover breakfast or simply as a snack. But make sure to have a bed or some coffee somewhere close. Too many of these delicious, but heavy sandwiches can make you very sleepy!


Marie Rosenkranz


Chlebíček – Cooking the Czech Way
Anna Lit
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