"I appreciate the freedom at UCM"


Andreas Tometten (19), a student at the University College of Maastricht from Germany


Do you already have a group of friends? Did they turned out to be like you expected them? “Yes and no. I do have international friends as I expected, but I also find myself in groups of Germans more often than I thought. Let’s say I’m just glad I don’t study IB for then it would even be worse.”


Are you still in contact with some of your Inkom group members? “If a Facebook-‘friendship’ counts – yes. Every once in a while we ask each other how things are going.”


How do you like you course up till now? “Very interesting. I appreciate the freedom at UCM and in contrast to high school I can finally study the subjects I am interested in. I enjoy studying at UCM a lot - but it really is a lot of work.”


Have you gone home already? “I went home only once till now, because I like to spend my weekends here in my new home. I like being in Germany although it feels a little bit weird; everything is so familiar but you know you are not living there any longer.”


What’s the thing you really didn’t expect? “When I was in high school I thought that student life is about living in a big city. I now ended up living in the small village Kanne in Belgium.”


Have you joined an association? “I joined the sailing and windsurfing association Lagakari. I think it's important to do some fun activities besides studying.”


How’s your living situation? Are you happy with it? “I am. My studenthouse is kind of run down - the kitchen that I share with twenty other people is always a big mess; you can neither rely on the oven, nor on the washing machine, nor on the heaters - but that doesn’t really bother me. I like the people and the place.”


Is Maastricht still the right choice for you? “Absolutely.”


Annika Lübbert


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Annika Lübbert
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