Baby, it's cold outside

A dash of Dutch


In this weekly column A dash of Dutch by the Language Centre you will learn more about the Dutch language and culture through video, audio and practicing yourself.This week: When there is just even a glimpse of ice on the water, the Dutch fever attacks: sleepless nights, agitation during the day about when they can make their first strokes on the ice with their skates. Ice specialist who are watching the ice growing thicker and giving the first signal that it’s safe to skate.



Skating is part of Dutch culture


Listen to the audio fragment

Het is koud. (It’s cold.)

Ik heb het koud. (I am cold.)

Het vriest. (it’s freezing.)

Het is tien graden onder nul (-10 C°). (It’s ten below zero.)

Het sneeuwt: (It’s snowing)



What is the name of the famous ice skating tour?

  1. De Rotterdam Marathon
  2. De Elfstedentocht
  3. De Amstel Gold Race


Read the correct answer here


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