Travel and you will grow


Drew Reid, 20, is an Australian who has just finished his semester abroad as an Erasmus student in the Entrepreneurship programme. He has seen 6 per cent of the world.

For Reid, the first associations with the word travel are 'excitement', 'uniqueness' and 'growth'. “Growth in terms of a person,” he says, “because travelling changes your mind set.” The Australian has been to Europe twice: first for the football World Cup in 2006, and second for a semester abroad to Maastricht. Before the semester started he visited a few European countries, such as Spain and Portugal.

“Meeting people from all over the world is one of the best aspects of travelling. It shows you the multitude of differences between people.” In general he was impressed with how friendly and helpful everyone has been. In Amsterdam, when Reid and his friend had just arrived after a 20-hour flight, a guy with a van stopped and asked if he could give them a ride. He spent the whole day helping “some lost guys”, Reid says with a smile. “I’m sure Australians are very friendly people, too, but you don’t realise it in everyday life. When you’re travelling your awareness of these things is heightened much more, because you want to see how other people behave.”

Reid likes to have a balance between sightseeing and relaxing, but most importantly he wants to get to know the lifestyles of people from other countries. “This is why I’d like to live in a few more places for a longer period of time. That’s the only way to really experience the country.” He doesn’t think that visiting a place two or more times would be boring at all. “If you travel the world at different times in your life, each time you’ll experience it in a new way because you perceive things differently.”

While his home country is a very popular travel destination for young Europeans, he has not seen a lot of it himself. “I should get to know my own country better; I’ve only realised that now that I’m gone. Many people here have seen more than me.”


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Travel and you will grow
Drew Reid
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