In this weekly column A dash of Dutch by the Language Centre you will learn more about the Dutch language and culture through video, audio and practicing yourself. This week: the cinema


The Dutch make a distinction between a bioscoop and a filmhuis. De bioscoop shows mainstream movies (mostly); het filmhuis offers art films. Maastricht’s filmhuis is called Lumière.

Lumière offers more and more films in English. Among these, there are also Dutch and Flemish ones. If you like movies, that might be a pleasant way to improve your Dutch.


Listen to the audio fragment


de bioscoop

het filmhuis




Lumière is located in the Bogaardenstraat, a street very close to the Markt square. Which other organisation is located there?

a. het COC (organisation for gays and lesbians)

b. het Leger des Heils (Salvation Army)

c. de RIAGG (organisation for mental health care)


Read the correct answer here


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