Sociopaths and scholarships

Alison in Wonderland


In the news in Britain last week: with measles (mazelen) taking hold in Wales, public health authorities are urging everyone to have their measles vaccination, and fast. In response, the ‘antivaxxers’ have again started shouting about how the vaccine gives you autism. Here’s the thing – no, it doesn’t. Just no. Antivaxxers are way up there on the crazy list with creationists and homoeopathists. But thankfully, it’s not all bad. The BBC also reported on an unusual scholarship awarded to 19-year-old Gazan student Rawan Yaghi. Students at Jesus College, Oxford, have agreed to contribute £3.90 each per term to Rawan's fees. ‘A life-changing chance’, she called it. Things like that just warm my little heart. And that’s not because of the measles jab I just had.

Alison Edwards


Author: Redactie

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