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A bit over 12 weeks ago, when I got here, I saw my schedule: classes until April 5th, followed by exams until the end of April. I heard stories about how stressful exam period was, that the library was open 24/7, and always completely occupied. A bit ridiculous, I thought. It couldn't be that bad. And a month of exams, without classes, would give me loads of time to study in April.

But, a couple of things went wrong there. First of all, the end of April was April 26, and April 5 until April 26 is NOT a month, but three weeks, Floor. Also, you can’t keep thinking: ‘Oh, I’ll read it in April.’ Because having 5 exams would give me 3 days to study per course. And reading everything for a course in 3 days is slightly optimistic.

So last week, while studying for the first exams, I finally saw that they were right: exam period is horrible. The atmosphere on campus is pure stress. The lines for coffee have never been so long. At 9 in the morning, all tables were taken in the library. And 5 exams is quite a lot.

But after a week of full time studying and stress, I have gotten my down to earth, Dutch mentality back again. You can’t study 24/7, right? I went out last night. I probably shouldn't have. The library was still open when I walked home. 


Floortje Rawee

Name: Floortje Rawee (21)

Study: second-year UCM-student

Goes to: Queen's University in Kingston, Ontario, Canada

From: 3 January until the end of May


Author: Redactie

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