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In this weekly column A dash of Dutch by the Language Centre you will learn more about the Dutch language and culture through video, audio and practicing yourself. This week: Pentecost


This Sunday and Monday, it’s Pinksteren (Pentecost). On this day, christians commemorate  the descent of  the Holy Spirit upon the apostles (the most important pupils of Jesus), after which they could suddenly speak a multitude of languages. There is some debate in The Netherlands about the question if this and other christian feasts should remain national holidays. An important cause of this debate is the fact that christians are no longer the great majority in the Netherlands, as this diagram shows:

Religie in Nederland (2006)

Rooms-katholiek: 27,0 % (blue)

Protestant: 16,6 % (red)

Moslim: 5,7 % (yellow)

Hindoe: 1,3 % (green)

Boeddhist: 1,0 % (purple)

No specific religion: 48,4 % (orange)


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de religie








In 2006, we can conclude from the diagram, 43,6% of the Dutch were christian. How many were christian in 1909?

a. 99,5 %

b. 92,5 %

c. 85,5 %


Read the correct answer here


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